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Uproar! Schrade Goes 100% New for 2022



They made me give it back 🙁

This year, Schrade’s decided to make an Uproar with an all-new knife lineup (and one cool OTF).

Schrade knives has been a well-known blade production company for years, but did you know they recently re-launched an all-new inventory? Every single knife Schrade is selling right now is new. Schrade has so many different shapes, sizes, and colors that I think it is pretty much impossible to find a Schrade knife that doesn’t fit you—basically, there’s a knife to tickle everyone’s ass.

Schrade groups their knives into three different classes: Alpha, Beta, and Delta. Each group is based on how premium the materials used to compose the knife are. The Alpha class has the most premium handle and blade steel and is (naturally) the most expensive. The Beta class knives are made from D2 and have micarta handles—a little less ouchy on the wallet. Finally, the Delta class is Schrade’s regular knives. They still have plenty of durability, especially for everyday tasks, but are a little less pricey compared to the previous two classes.

The most surprising blade Schrade offers this year is, in my opinion, the new OTF. The action, upon inspection, was very satisfying. If you have ever handled an OTF with a very snappy action and had the overwhelming urge to sit there for 20 minutes and just work the action, you would love the Uproar OTF.

The handle is very interesting. The aluminum they use, with the addition of divots, makes the knife easily wielded and used in the heat of action. The blade steel is D2 with a bayonet-style and a satin finish, which fits the handle and overall feel of the knife perfectly.

I actually wound up pleading with the marketing person to let me buy the display model. I failed, because the Uproar OTF has not yet been released. (It will be soon, in the Beta class.) Expect a full review once I receive a production model, but in the meantime, you can find them online at


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