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Blade Review: QSP Platypus EDC Knife



Ever heard of QSP Knives? QSP stands for Quality, Service, and Price. From my experience, they are everything they advertise. The company is based out of YangJiang China, which makes for a hefty time difference, but their customer service is amazing. The other thing I liked about QSP was the diversity in their products. They have a lot of different blade styles and even have some fixed blades. The first knife I got the opportunity to test was the Platypus.

The first thing I have to say about the Platypus it is a very eye-catching knife. That almost-4-inch cleaver has a black-satin finish will attract a lot of eyes. If you have read any of my other articles, you know I love big blades (and I cannot lie), especially those that have crazy smooth and fast action, and the Platypus has not failed me. With its ceramic ball bearing mechanism, the action is so smooth that it closes by itself when you open the liner lock. flipped the Platypus open constantly for two weeks straight and the smoothness never changed.

The blade’s black satin finish just makes the knife look that much cooler, but it’s also constructed of 14C28N steel, which is very good at keeping an edge and high in corrosion resistance. I took this knife out to trim limbs and break down boxes and the edge never dulled a bit. I even used the knife to cut my steak one night, as a cleaver should, and the edge did great.

Some words on the handle of this knife. The scales are G10 with G10 inlays in a different color. There are two choices of handles, the one I have here which is brown G10 with black G10 inlays, and the second choice of handle is a black G10 with tan G10 inlays. Now that is one of the reasons why this handle is cool but the big reason why this handle is so eye catching is the detail QSP puts into the knife. The handle has a titanium back spacer with kind of a maze design. This back spacer just ties the whole look of the knife together.

Another little detail QSP added was the liner lock. It has grooves in it which add a little more grip, and give the knife that extra detail. The handle also comes with a reversible deep pocket clip, which enables you to carry it in the left or right pocket. The only thing I didn’t like about the Platypus is the G10 is kind of slippery. There isn’t really anything that catches your hand and keeps the knife in your hand besides the finger choil. The only thing I would change,would be to make the handle a little rougher to add a little more grip. Don’t get me wrong, after I got used to the handle this knife was amazing.

QSP is starting to make a name for themselves as a high-quality production knife company that has great prices. This Platypus will run you around $63 retail. For that price this knife is beyond worth it. You get a high-quality folding cleaver that doesn’t just work but makes sure you look good while you work (which is important). I’m giving it my A-to-Z Reviews stamp of approval. Make sure to pick one up at and let me know what you think in the comments!


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