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Why Garmin Tactix Bravo Is The Greatest GPS Watch Ever



Today almost everyone is involved in different forms of sports.

Whether it is playing soccer or baseball on the weekends or hiking, people have realized the importance of sports for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The most common fitness exercise is running and the increasing interest has also resulted in many running-friendly watches being developed over the past few years.

Deciding the perfect sport watch can be a very confusing task as there are so many options available with each offering a unique selection of features. Many sports watches offer performance and running data that is useful for novice runners who need to keep things as easy as they can.

Several other watches are aimed at professional athletes who require a more scientific analysis of their trainings. But the question is how does one select the best sports watch? And what is the one characteristic that tells them apart?

The one thing every runner must seek in a sports watch while buying is the most accurate GPS system and that it should be able to understand and evaluate biometric data. Most of the commonly available running watches have heart rate sensors that can be attached as a chest strap for the more extreme sessions and exercises.

Heart Rate Evaluation

The heart rates evaluation features of a sports watch allow the runners to assess their heart rate data according to their exercise patterns. The watch component provides heart rate data in terms of V02 MX, a well known fitness measuring benchmark. Such sports watches also enable the user to determine the success of their training and exercise sessions.

Along with heart rate evaluation, many watches today also focus on the recovery element. This helps the runner to prevent avoidable injuries and exhaustion. The heart rate data computed will hint how much rest the runner needs after their fitness routine. It will also assess and review the way one’s body is adjusting to a particular work out.

Garmin’s Tactix Bravo

The Garmin tactix Bravo watch is a multisport exercise GPS watch that combines all the exclusive functions needed to make an efficient sports watch. It comes equipped with some handy features for instance fitness training and outside navigation.

The watch is available in black nylon straps but the most popular version of the watch is its stylish appearance due to the combination of the iconic color black with silicone band. Its core black look makes for its rugged design which is also durable as the watch is built to sustain in tactical environments. The Garmin tactix bravo also incorporates a stainless steel bezel and keys which are armored into the body for additional durability.


The Tactix Bravo GPS watch has several significant characteristics such as,

  1. Resolution: 1.2 inch high
  2. Readability: Dual-mode function that provides the maximum readability during the day and night.
  3. LED display: Garmin Chroma Display which is a high resolution color, enables access during the day under any light.
  4. Tactical Features: Garmin Tactix Bravo also includes several strategic features such as jumpmaster, tracback ®, projected waypoints and a dual GPS coordinate data reader.
  5. Battery Life: The watch is able to live up to 2 weeks, 20 hours and 50 hours in the smartwatch, GPS and the battery saver modes respectively.

The strong and hard look of the watch is completed with a sapphire lens and diamond like coating that protects the surface from scratching. The 1.2 screen size creates enough room to accurately view the two sets of running coordinates making it a more reliable tally of your session.

To further increase the watch’s navigation reliability, an EXO antenna equipped with a GPA support is installed beneath the body. One of the most advanced software TracBack is also incorporated into the watch to spot and accumulate 1,000 waypoints and direct back to the initial point. The software is best for all aerial missions and exercises while Jumpmaster enables Bravo to be used for many different types of jump exercises.

Although the watch is commonly known as military equipment than an average watch a runner would wear for a midnight run due to its coating in the color black with silicone band. The Garmin tactix bravo also includes fitness features such as Forerunner and Vivosmart. The two systems allow for the watch to provide the most sophisticated running metrics. The watch is also compatible with smartphones to receive alerts on your phone at any time.


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