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Cult Fave Olight’s All-New Osight is Dy-No-Mite



Why yes, that is a magnetic charging cover …

Olight is relatively new flashlight company that was founded not that long ago back in 2007. Since then, Olight has become a leading flashlight and outdoor lighting brand known for its innovative designs and high-quality products. The company has expanded its product line to include not just flashlights, but also headlamps, bike lights, weapon lights, and other outdoor lighting solutions, gaining a cult-like following along the way. This is especially true of Olight’s “bread-and-butter,” the rechargeables. If you’re sick of reaching in the flashlight drawer every time the power goes out, only to find dead batteries and weak beams every time (HOW?!?), you’ll love Olight rechargeables.

After 17 years Olight’s launching its first electronic optic, called, of course, the Osight … and it’s rechargeable too! While it’s not the first pistol red dot with rechargeable capabilities, I can’t think of another that uses a magnet and the sights cover as the charger. High-speed, low-drag!

The cover’s magnetic attachment to the sight gives users three full charge cycles. The cover has a cool LED power level chart that lets the user know at a glance how much backup power and red-dot power is available. The cover includes a USB-C connection that is used to recharge the cover. The Osight has 70,000 hour runtime on its lowest level.

Yes, yes, I know the lowest level on all sights are useless in everyday situations. Thats why I prefer to bump up the intensity on my red-dots, making it easier for my eye to pick up. The Osight boasts 17+ days on the brightest setting extended to 70+ days with the cover charger before you will have to plug back into the grid.

You probably won’t want the brightest setting, to be honest. I find that it’s too bright, making the image blown-out. Bumping down the power level a couple intensities will give you a nicer crisper dot that is easy to pick up. Doing this will bump up how long you need to go before recharging. The exact time between charging will be fluid and will depend on use, because the Osight features a shake-awake operating system that will put the Osight in a low-power mode.

Or you can let the Osights onboard computer do the calculating for you. During the bright daylight, a big bright dot is great, but try that in pitch-black conditions and it can be overwhelming. The Osight has an auto sensing mode that can choose the best intensity for you, with 10 daylight and two night levels. If you are not a fan of letting the computer work for you, there is a manual mode, and a lockout mode for those who like it static. Lockout mode means you set your desired brightness and you lock out the buttons so they no longer work. The theory is that you don’t accidentally change settings by bumping the plus or minus button. Don’t worry, lock out mode is not permanent—you can unlock it to reactivate the adjustments.

 That’s not the only way the Osight impresses. It was first tested by Olight engineers to beyond 10,000 rounds to ensure there would be no shift in zero. The propeller-heads then turned it over to Olight-sponsored shooter Luke Cao, the 2022 IPSC handgun world champion for some real-world testing.

In my UnPewFessional opinion, one of the smartest things that Olight did was make the Osight compatible with the RMR footprint. Along with the Trijicon RMR, the Holosun 407c and 507c use the same footprint. Arguably these 3 sights are the most popular sights available, accounting for over half of red dots mounted. I was also told that Olight should have a Picatinny mount available shortly, but any RMR to Picatinny adapter will work.

One of my favorite uses for these pistol-sized red dots is mounting them to smaller pistol caliber carbines (PCCs). Mounted on a tall RMR mount the smaller size keeps the overall package as small and as lightweight as possible. The bonus with the Osight is the window size, with a width of 24mm and a height of 21.5mm. Whether you decide to mount the Osight on either a pistol or carbine the sight is user friendly and even this blind old writer can use it.

You should also know that Osight gives users the option of either a red or green dot model. I love my green dots, I feel like a alien hunter shooting. Both models come with a 3 MOA dot, that makes precision aiming easy. I am hoping that in the future Olight will release a 6 MOA dot version. For me I want the biggest brightest dot I can get, for my old eyes to pick up.

At an MSRP of $229.99, I am certain that the sight will not only appeal to Olight fans, but also plenty of shooters. Who does not love affordable quality optics especially with a great feature set? Olight may be the new kid on the block with reflex sights, but they have a 17-year history of great products including standing behind their products when they were not perfect. Best of all, it’s already shipping and available on Amazon right now! For more information, click here.

—James the “XDMAN” Nicholas, Mr. UnPewFessional Himself!



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