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Eoin May Reviews: Say “I Do” to Schrade’s Truix Pivot Lock EDC Knife



Marriage material, right here.

As we go along the trek of Schrade’s rebrand, we take another stop in the Alpha class and talk about a very weird but intriguing knife: the Triux Pivot Lock Folder. One of the new releases from Schrade, the Truix has a S35VN tanto-style blade that measures a little over 4 inches long, with a bead blast finish. The handle scales are made from G10 and the handle itself measures in at little over 5 inches long. The most attractive feature for me is the two-tone the handle. The scales are layered with black and white G10; the handle is grooved so you can see the white and the black layers. It gives the scales a very “in your face” look that I love. Towards the top of the handle, Schrade uses pieces of aluminum around the lock and main pivot screw, which really gives this knife a lot of character.

The Truix isn’t just a pretty face; she’s got a great personality, too. The deep carry pocket clip pretty much hides the knife, making it almost impossible to snag or hang up on anything while in your pocket. The tanto blade hearkens a bit to a samurai style—the edge going up to the point is more curved than a regular tanto, which in my opinion is better because it allows for non-stop contact with whatever material you are cutting while slashing.

This style blade also makes it a lot more comfortable to cut things in a straight slice, as you would meat on a cutting board. (If you ever have used a tanto-style blade where the design is all straight edges, you already know that it’s difficult to make a calculated cut near the top of the blade because of the drastic transition.) The handle feels very comfortable in the hand; the shape makes for a very secure and ergonomic grip. The grooves in the handle scales add a non-slip texture to it.

Pretty face, great personality, but what about the action? They say gentlemen never tell, but I just have to say that it’s very smooth and quick. If you don’t like really smooth actions with a very minimal detent this knife is definitely not for you. I know a lot of people who don’t like really smooth actions with no detent because when closing a knife that has little to no detent sometimes your thumb gets hung out to dry and that’s never fun.

All in all, I couldn’t be happier of the new Truix folder from Schrade. She’s definitely marriage material. The knife has a look of its own and is very durable and sharp. The knife itself is also built in USA, so that’s another plus. This knife retails for a little under $200, so it isn’t very expensive for an American made knife especially a knife with S35VN steel. So, if you are looking for a new knife to add to your daily carry rotation, I definitely would give this knife a look.

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