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The Design & Features Of Hitch & Timber Duz-All



If you’re one of those people that have a habit of collecting everyday carries whenever a new one comes around, then surely you’d understand the importance of putting them together in a single space.

Arranging your everyday carries together keeps your collection organized and ready to be used as per your demand. People have been carrying their everyday carries in their wallets and pockets for a long time, but sometimes consolidating them in one place is the thing that makes you more efficient.

Several companies have stepped forward coming up with their offerings that can hold your everyday carries in one place neatly. Hitch & Timber happens to be one of those companies as well. Their latest release of 2018 is the Duz-All wallet that has an immensely thoughtful design. This wallet has ample space for all your everyday essentials.

The Use of the Duz-All Wallet

Hitch & Timber isn’t new at coming up with everyday carries that have inspired millions of people by now. Now Duz-All is to keep your everyday essentials in one place. The compartments designed in this wallet can easily accommodate your pocket knife, flashlight, pen, notebook, some visiting and credit cards and cash all in one place so that you just have to grab your Duz-All and then you’re good to go.

The Features of the Duz-All Wallet

The front of the Duz-All wallet features two slots that can be used to fit your gear like a pocket knife and as well as your compact flashlight in an organized manner. Some of the best knives that can easily be fit into Duz-All include Victorinox Alox and Benchmade Proper. Similarly, some of the best flashlights that can fit into your Duz-All include Prometheus Beta QR and Streamlight Microsteam. The middle slot of the wallet can comfortably accommodate your compact notebook like Moleskine’s compact Volant XS notebooks, while the Milspec elastic loop on the side of the middle slot of the wallet can hold your favorite compact pens like Fisher Space Pen. Finally, the the rear slot of the wallet can store three to five credit cards of your choice easily. Also, this rear slot has room enough for you to keep folded cash as well.

The Design of the Duz-All Wallet

This American made leather wallet can easily fit into the back pocket of your jeans and trousers. It is also casual enough to be thrown into a bag whenever you’re traveling. The design specifications of the wallet are mentioned below:

  • The height of the two organizer slots on the front of the wallet is 3 ¼ inches
  • The width of the two organizer slots on the front of the wallet is 1 ½ inches
  • The height of the wallet is 4 5/8 inches tall
  • The width of the wallet is 4 inches
  • The thickness of the wallet is 3/8 inches when it’s not loaded with accessories

Some Other Recommended Knives, Lights & Pens

Aside from the ones mentioned above, some other recommended AAA flashlights, knives and pens that can easily fit into the Duz-All wallet without harming its size and compactness include the following brands and models:


  • Gec 72, 74 & 78
  • Victorinox Farmer
  • Victorinox Pioneer
  • Victorinox Cadet


  • Lumintop Worm
  • Maratac AAA
  • Foursevens Preon
  • Surefire Titan


  • Fisher Space Bullet
  • Fisher Space Cap-o-Matic
  • Kaweco Liliput

A Final Opinion About the Wallet

You must have owned and carried lots of wallets in your life that could carry either too less or too much. Well, Hitch & Timber’s Duz-All wallet really lives up to its name. If you’re outdoorsy or a tradesman then there’s nothing better for you than this wallet. It allows you to carry all those things that you thought were necessary for your everyday carry, but you never had the right accessory to carry them around with you on daily basis.

Hitch & Timber’s Duz-All wallet has made it possible for you to carry a knife, pen, notebook, credit cards and cash just as easily as the conventional wallets only allowed you to keep cash and credit cards. Another thing that is worth praising in this wallet is its craftsmanship. The leather used is of finest quality, and the logo of Hitch & Timber over it surely adds the required value of a brand. Available in 8 colors, you can carry your Duz-All wallet in your pocket or in your bag easily. Also, you can hang it from a lanyard and wear it across your neck. It’s just that convenient.


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