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6 Surefire Accessories I Can’t Live Without



Let’s shed a little light on the subject …

Readers already know why I like the Surefire X300U (and if not, you can find out why here.) But did you know that there are other accessories for the X300 that not only complement the X300, but make it even better? The main selling point of the X300 series is how damn bright these weaponlights are. They are bright enough to be used to illuminate whole rooms or large sections of yards. So bright, in fact, that they can be used for tactical advantage by blinding potential threats. Criminals seem to have a hard time hurting you when they can’t see you. But what if you’re law enforcement, and your job is to sneak up on bad guys?

Using a bright-ass flashlight to light the way gives away your position. The Global War On Terror has taught us that those who own the night, own the advantage. Stealthy approaches in the dead of night require the use of night vision. It’s important to note that night vision only amplifies light waves; it can’t “see” in total darkness.

Go Vampire

That’s where the Surefire X300V Vamp-IR-e series (literally) shines. The Vamp-IR-e flashlights have heads with LEDs that are cable of illuminating both regular white light and (invisible to the human eye) infrared light. By twisting the locking head, users can quickly switch back and forth and. You can be shining an IR light directly at an unsuspecting target and they would never know it, giving you (the good guy) the element of surprise.

Eats Everything

What good is having one of the best weapon lights made if you can’t carry it? Since the Surefire name is so ubiquitous in the 2A community, it’s usually the first weaponlight that holster manufacturers will support. If you are looking for a range or CCW holster, the Blackhawk Omnivore is one of the most adaptable holsters made. While not duty rated, it is a level two holster with a thumb release. This one holster fits practically any handgun that the X300 can mount to. That’s because, instead of locking onto the pistol, the Omnivore locks onto the X300 itself—the pistol is just basically there for the ride. With this holster, I can securely switch between three different pistols with X300s mounted on each. You can change from a 1911, to a CZ, and then a Glock without having to adjust anything.

Philstresses May Also Apply

Next up is for those who love inside the waist band carry for deep concealability. Nothing beats the Philster Floodlight2 IWB holster. This holster is designed to fit and adapt to hundreds of pistols that have either the Surefire X300 or Streetlight TLR1/2 lights attached. Adding to the versatility, the Floodlight2 is compatible with pistols with slide mounted optics like the Trijicon RMR. Rest assured your Gucci pistol with its suppressor sights and muzzle brake will also fit securely as well. Here is a trick that is unique to the Floodlight2: The same holster is adaptable for both right- and left-handed shooters. Just move the mounting clips to the opposite side and you are good to go. If you have a little extra junk in the trunk and IWB is not an option for you, Philster has you covered with the OWB Floodlight with all the same features I mentioned for the IWB, just outside the waist band carry.

On Safari

Next up is for those who require a duty rated holster—something built to withstand a scuffle and securely carry a pistol. Safariland makes hundreds of holsters from CCW to duty use and everything in between. Unlike the Blackhawk or Philster most of the Safariland duty holsters are made for one particular fit. So for my use I want a Safariland Holster for the Springfield Armory 4.25 Prodigy with an RMR and X300 mounted. First you will tell the holster finder if you have a pistol or revolver: Pistol for me. Next is the manufacturer and model of your pistol, then whether you have either (or both) an optic and light mounted to your pistol and what models of each.

No Stretch

Apparently I am not the only one who dislikes stretching my fingers to reach the X300 switch. Philster has a fantastic set of X300 enhanced replacement paddles. The ARC switch set comes with three sets of paddles that are oversized compared to Surefire factory paddles. The set includes a large, XL, and XL blank paddles for you to choose your desired length. What’s cool is that the XL blank paddle is meant for you to apply your own stippling to get your desired texture. The extra length of the ARC paddles means that you don’t have to stretch your trigger finger as far to be able to activate your weapon light. I can tell you, once you feel the more secure activation of longer paddles you will never go back. By the way, the ARC paddles are the same width as the factory switch, so it fits all of your holsters without modification.

Hot Pockets?

My next X300 must-have accessory is rechargeable batteries. There’s no way around it; a light as bright as the X300 eats batteries like a Vegas buffet. The CR123 Lithium batteries are not exactly cheap. Surefire makes the best rechargeable CR123s available. As soon as you notice the light output dimming in your flashlight, switch them out for a fresh set. I still use those original batteries from that two-year-old article referenced earlier! They still work and have saved me hundreds of dollars and kept batteries out of the landfill.



My last recommendation is something you never knew you needed. You know the more you shoot, the more carbon soot gets everywhere. Well, if you use your pistol with a mounted flashlight, all of that crud seems to migrate right on the lens of the flashlight. Luckily the X300 has a hard glass lens that you can scrape and scrub if you love scraping and scrubbing. I don’t. That’s where Paragon Weapon Light Cleaner and Optic Lens Cleaner comes to the rescue. Safe for the glass but tough on the carbon grime, a few drops cleans them up like magic. For the tough caked on residue let the cleaner soak for a minute, then wipe it off. I have had one of my X300s so dirty that even using plastic scrapers would not fully clean the lens. The Paragon WLC made her look like brand new.

Now that you are an expert in all things Surefire X300, make sure to follow through and get some hands-on training. It’s better to learn as we practice to find out what works and doesn’t work for us. Shooting firearms is different from shooting firearms integrated with flashlights, optics and lasers. There is a learning curve but once you master it, will make you a more proficient shooter.

James the “XDMAN” Nicholas Mr. UnPewFessional Himself


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