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Eoin May Reviews: WIHONGI!!!



The Fox Wihongi is almost as much fun to use as it is to say.

If you’re looking for high-quality cutlery, your first stop should be your native land of America. The second place, in my opinion, is Italy. Home to some of the best knife companies in the world, including the top of my list, Fox Knives. After all, they’re the creators of the Monkey Thumper, which remains an everyday staple for me. The Fox blade I am reviewing today leans more into the self-defense side of knives versus woodscraft knives. Don’t get me wrong; you could take this knife into the woods and yes, you probably could cut down a tree (but you would probably have better luck taming your own beaver and having it do it for you).

That’s because the new WIHONGI from Fox is one of their newly designed karambits. Not only does this knife look stunning, it functions perfectly. This knife is designed to be carried by itself, or the way I use it, strapped right in front of your pistol. By doing this you give yourself many different options for defense which boosts your chances of survival in a defensive crisis.

If you haven’t tried saying WIHONGI out loud yet, you’re a better man than I am.

The WIHONGI is a fixed blade karambit with sheepsfoot-style blade. It wears a black idroglider stonewashed finish made from N690Co stainless steel, which is a top-of-the-line steel with edge retention and corrosion resistance to spare. The blade from tip to choil is a little over 2 ¼” and the handle, including the finger ring, is a little over 4 ½”. The handle scales are made from black G10 and are textured and shaped very well, so the knife feels very comfortable and secure in the hand.

Since the knife is fixed it must come with a sheath, right? The sheath that comes with the WIHONGI is very easy to open and close and fits the knife securely. My favorite part about the sheath is that, with a Phillips head screwdriver and 30 seconds, the sheath can be maneuvered and articulated in any way your heart desires.

Go on, say it. WIHONGI! You know you want to.

The WIHONGI is a perfect knife for EDC self-defense. The karambit style itself is used so much in self-defense it has its own form of martial art. Since this knife not only has a blade but also has a finger ring it creates the ability to be used in different ways according to the situation. Nothing is wrong with giving yourself more options. This knife would be great for anyone looking for a high-quality self-defense blade that is comfortable to carry every day. I don’t know the price yet, because this knife is unreleased but stay tuned in the coming months and I will keep you guys updated on when it releases. Like always, go check out my other content on Instagram and YouTube @atoz_reviews and if you like what you give me a follow and join the family. Last but not least always remember to stay A to Z!



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