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10 EDC-Worthy Gym Bags



Staying healthy and fit is a demanding business.

However, you can achieve all your fitness goals if you have the support of accessories and bags that keep you on the go always. Here is a list of 10 EDC worthy gym bags so you can work out without the worry of taking care of your gear.

DSPTCH Gym/Work Bag

This is your all-in-one bag if you are a professional who likes to stay fit. You can carry a 15-inch laptop in this bag for your official needs. In fact, it even provides space for your travelling needs. It has a separate compartment for your shoes up to size 13. So anyone can use it be it a man or a woman. An additional feature of the bag is a hidden compartment in the bag floor that allows you to keep your valuables safe as you go.

Ryu Gym Tote

Another EDC worthy gym bag that you can avail is this expanding bag that makes room for all your sports gear. It can be folded when it is empty and expanded as per need when you have too much gear to carry. It has been made out of 840D nylon and has been coated with carbonate polyurethane that protects it from any apparent harm from external factors such as rain and dirt.

The inside has been made from a light weight nylon that gives the bag a foamy quality and makes it easy to carry. It closes up with a dual magnet and hook so you can snap it open with one quick swipe.

Aer Fit Pack 2

This bag has a sleek urban look. It has a compartment in the front for your shoes which would protect the things on the inner pockets of your bag. It has room for your gym suit and your laptop all put together. You can go from your school to your office and to your gym with just one bag.

Recycled Firefighter “The Chief” Backpack