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Real Avid AMP Firearm Specific Multi Tools














“Damn I wish I had a (insert obscure tool) with me…”

Most of us have been in this spot a time or three at the range and it almost always seems to happen when we need to make something work. Revered gunsmithing tool makers, Real Avid gets a lot of credit for their bench-bound products like the AR-15 Master Armorers’ kit and their all-inclusive cleaning products. While these certainly get the job done it’s unrealistic to take them with you everywhere you go.  Therefore it’s worthwhile to take a peek at what Real Avid offers to carry on your hip. After years of development, they have introduced the AMP series of multi-tools that are made for some of the most common firearms. This lets you can carry only what you need to the range and leave behind everything that you don’t.

Each AMP multi-tool carry kit includes everything you need to maintain and adjust a 1911, AR-15 or any other pistol. Each unit includes a knife that is designed to appeal to that platform’s typical end-user as well as best handle the tasks associated with that firearm. In addition to a high-quality blade, each AMP multi-tool is complete with a bit driver that comes with a set of bits hand-picked by experts to cover the most common issues for that specific style of firearm. The bit driver also doubles as a holster and allows for separation from the main unit, giving you the option of having two tools at the ready.












We requested all three for a closer look and were impressed the moment we picked them up. Each tool was far heavier than we expected, indicating that quality steel was used throughout. Even though they come with an enlarged belt clip, make sure that you have a sturdy belt on otherwise people might ask you when your Hip-Hop album is set to drop. Each tool also operated the same way, making the learning curve pretty shallow if you own all three platforms (and you should, commie).

The first one that I put under the microscope was the AR-15 tool. It was refreshing to see a front sight tool among the bits. Previously I used to keep my sight tool in the compartment of my A2 buttstock, but we all know those are about as common as an honest politician these days. Aside from the sight adjuster, there was also a tool to scrape carbon off of the bolt, carrier, firing pin, and even gun-grabbers fingers from your black rifle. Sure Real Avid refers to it as a “Tap Hammer” but they didn’t specify what might need “tapping”.

Next up was its 1911 tool. The 100+ year design is still alive and well; yet still suffers from the same issues since its inception. Thus I was disappointed that the tool didn’t include a button that turns that old war-aged design into a shiny new polymer-framed striker-fired pistol (internet dumpster fire in 3…2…1…). Of course, I’m not serious. In fact, I hate 1911’s so much I only own three. Funny thing is that this tool has a bushing wrench to service all of them too, with the government sized tool on one side and the commander sized tool on the other. It also comes with a pick and a flat carbon scraper should you find that your old shooting iron needs an emergency cleaning. Lastly, I noticed that the tool also included a mainspring housing punch as well as a metal file. This gives the adventurous nearly all of the tools that they need to do a little bit of trigger work. However, the lawyers want me to warn you to only go down that deep dark road if you are intimately familiar with this platform.

The last tool is sort of a catch-all and is aptly named “Pistol”. It looks like Real Avid was looking to make a tool that would cover a broad variety of needs and I like to say that it hit its mark. The Pistol tool comes with some of those smaller Hex keys that are needed to adjust lasers, red dots, and iron sights as well as a generic 2.5mm pin punch. The bit selection is very common-consisting of popular Torx, Phillips, and flathead options. Together with the Wharncliffe blade, this tool will get you out of a jam regardless if it is on or off of the range.

I wore each appropriate AMP tool as I trained a variety of new shooters over the past few weeks and called on it more times than I could count. The weight was a little much for the hip, but they do offer the option of clipping it to a piece of kit, as they are MOLLE compatible. These products are great for gun store workers, instructors, range officers or even just a regular Joe maintenance worker who might like having quality tools close by.

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