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Understanding The Magnificence Of The Fisher Space Pen



There have been several extraordinary advancements in the field of technology in the past few decades. There are many inventions that have gained widespread recognition while there are also a few other inventions that many people don’t know about.

One of these inventions is the fisher space pen. The special pen is known for its ability of writing in space and is widely used by several space companies across the globe.


The first fisher space pen came into existence during the 1950s, when according to a popular theory NASA invested into creating an exclusive pen that could write just as well under zero gravity. This means that the pen derives its name from its unbelievable capability of being able to write in space. However, this theory has since been debunked by many officials and rendered to be nothing more than an urban legend. The actual fact behind the first ever fisher space bullet pen was that is original creator Paul Fisher invented the pen without any external investment and presented it to the NASA space program that purchased thousands of these pens from Fisher. Thus the Fisher space pen was born in 1948.

Raw Brass Bullet Pen

Owning to its name, the space pen literally writes in the space and under zero G conditions. Fisher always wanted to overcome the obstacle of writing under zero gravity. These interests lead him to producing a pen that could do the job and its introduction left many people astonished around the world.

Over the years the fisher space pen has gone through several modifications and advancements. Each of these improvements made the pen more and more innovative. The most popular version of the space pen is the conventional F400 bullet shape. The bullet pen is made of 100% brass giving it an innate raw brass finish. The bullet pen comes in two operating as the cap can easily be taken on and off.

It is around 5 inches and 4 inches in length when opened and closed respectively. The raw brass finish bullet pen uses a special cartridge which is known as the Fisher Pressurized PR4. The pen comes packaged in an attractive lunar landing sleeve, staying in theme with its fascinating space friendly features. The raw brass version is the most popular because it is viewed as a fancier pen to be used during official meetings.

Special Features

The Fisher Space bullet pen has many special abilities such as:


The fisher space pen enables the user to write within the temperature array ranging from -30 degrees Fahrenheit to 25 degrees Fahrenheit which makes it compatible to extreme cold and hot conditions.

High Pressure

The raw brass coated bullet pen is known to work efficiently even at higher levels. The pen’s ink is rushed with the nitrogen gas which enables it to write in space and at extreme altitudes as high as 3,800 km. the nitrogen based cartridge has an average shelf lip of about 100 years.


The fisher space pen comes in various styles and is also available in leather cases. The cartridge refills are offered in many colors such as blue, black, brown, green, red, turquoise and silver. All the pens have a medium tip while the black colored cartridge also available with finely broad tips.


A unique feature of the brass pen is that it gradually oxidizes when contacted with a person’s skin oils. This forms an appropriate glaze in accordance to the environment and how the user uses their pen. The pen also provides its user the ability of writing at any possible angle they want to. The pen not only writes in space but can also help one write over a greasy or wet paper and even underwater, which just adds to its brilliance.

The bullet space pen is also easy to carry when closed and can conveniently fit into a person’s pocket, wallet, purse, toolbox and even a car glove compartment. As soon as the pen is opened it becomes an evenly balanced, full sized writing tool.

The fisher bullet pen is considered to be nothing short of an industrial marvel. It’s exhibited in the New York Museum of Modern Art due to its classic design and the outstanding art element that it has to its name. The pen has also been discussed in several art books and magazines with its design having also been imitated in the past. However, no one has been able to duplicate Paul Fisher’s one-of-a-kind bullet space pen.


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