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Eoin May Reviews: Schrade Shudder



Feeling a little frisson? Me too.

With all the knives I have reviewed from Schrade I think I have found my favorite yet: the Shudder, and I have to admit it gives me a shiver up my spine. It has everything you need in a perfect EDC knife. The size and weight are perfect, and the action is smooth and quick. If I had to compare this knife to something, I would probably compare it to the cold side of the pillow after a long day: At first glance it looks no different than a regular pillow, then you finally lay your head down on it. Ahh … the sweet spot, the honey hole, the elixir of immortality. As soon as I got my hands on this knife, I really didn’t want to let go. The handle is so comfortable, and the assisted opening action make this knife so satisfying to use.

Now let’s get to the specifics, shall we? The Shudder is a liner lock, assisted opening (a type of action where a spring is used to finish the opening process after the user has already engaged the action) pocketknife from the Delta class. The blade is a Tanto style with quarter serrations at the bottom, made from AUS-10 steel (a steel that is made in Japan with a very high corrosion resistance, very commonly used on high-quality kitchen knives), and has a Black Oxide finish.

The blade measures in at around 3 ½” with a handle length of around 4 ½”. The gray handle is made from aluminum. With all the components this knife possesses it really makes for a very durable and user-friendly knife. I have definitely carried this knife the longest compared to the other knives I have reviewed just because I didn’t want to stop carrying it. The steel this blade uses is amazing, the edge stays sharp, and with the black oxide finish the knife is almost impossible to rust.

My final thoughts on this blade couldn’t be better. The action is quick and easy to use. The edge is really sharp and can take just about anything you throw at it. My favorite thing about this knife is it retails for only $40. Are you kidding me, an AUS-10 blade that you can buy for only $40?! It’s true that this knife is not made in America, but with all of the features this knife possesses $40 is a steal. You won’t find a higher-quality blade at that price anywhere. I couldn’t be happier with the Shudder from Schrade. Go check it out on their website, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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