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A Review Of Capsule Accomplice And Diplomat



Capsule recently offered the perfect solution for people who want to carry their cards and cash in a slim and stylish wallet.

The brand introduced two new designs called the Accomplice and Diplomat which have taken the market by storm, given their small size and greater versatility. For those interested I buying these minimalist wallets but need to be sure of their worth, the quick review below should be able to help them make a decision.

Attractive Appearance

Capsule wallets are known to be most stylish wallets around. The choice of high-quality materials such as smooth nylon liners, full-grain Italian leather and a just the right size of a YKK zipper has helped the wallet to quickly become a favorite in the market.

The best thing about its look is that even though it is made with superior quality materials and is stylishly carved; the Capsule doesn’t come out as looking too designer-ish. The wallet also doesn’t come across as something very ordinary which is commonly seen in wallets having zippers. This unique appearance makes the wallets a practical choice for not only daily use but also to accompany you to a formal dinner.

Another attractive feature of the wallet is its seamless stitching and consistency in texture. Many customers praised the wallet for its smooth touch and said they couldn’t spot a single loose thread under its clean and well-crafted edges.

A Look inside the Accomplice