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Eoin May Reviews: Schrade Uproar Sliding Knife



In the words of the great Willie Nelson: “On the road again!”

We are back on the road of reviewing knives from the new relaunch of Schrade. After my last review you may think I lost all hope in Schrade OTFs (Out The Front, or what’s also known as a telescoping or sliding knife), but we have seen the light at the end of the tunnel. The Uproar OTF is everything I wished the Uproar Tactical had been. I have been carrying this knife for over a month and I haven’t had one problem with it. The two knives are the same size and weight, but the action on the Uproar seems to work so much better for me. As one does with an OTF, I find myself kind of fidgeting with it—opening and closing just to pass the time—and let me tell you, the action works every time.

Before we get into what I like about this knife, let’s talk about the specs. The Uproar is a compound or double-action OTF, which means the action deploys the blade out and back, from the Beta Series. The knife has a 3” bayonet-style blade made from D2 steel with a satin finish. The handle is black with aluminum-colored accents and is made from aluminum and measures in at little over 4” long.

The handle has sort of a braided pattern that gives it a cool aesthetic. On the side of the handle there are grooves that aid in grip, so the knife is far from having a slippery grip. One of my favorite things about this knife is its included deep carry pocket clip. The pocket clip itself is very wide so it fits securely to your pocket, so there are no worries about it falling out.

Even though the Uproar has a lot of moving parts, it is really easy to take apart and reassemble if cleaning is ever needed. I always deploy my OTF before taking it apart just in case taking off the side panel triggers the spring and deploys it for me

What are my final thoughts on the knife all in all? This OTF in my opinion is the best OTF Schrade offers. The black handle with aluminum accents looks amazing paired with the satin finished blade. The action hasn’t failed me once and I have screwed with this thing so much. The knife is easy to carry on the go. The knife itself is really concealable due to the narrow frame. The bayonet-style blade offers a very refined point for self-defense if ever needed, and a sharp edge for boxes or anything else.

The Uproar OTF from Schrade would be great for anyone looking for a reliable OTF for EDC that doesn’t break the bank. In the OTF industry you can find OTFs ranging up past the $1000s and this one is right around $100. Even if you don’t need a new EDC this knife is a HOOT to play around and fidget with. Go check out the Uproar OTF from Schrade at If you like what I read or if you like any of my other content for that matter, go check me out on my other platforms @atoz_reviews on Instagram and YouTube. If you like what you see give me a follow and last but not least always remember to stay AtoZ.


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