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Recommended Flashlights For Everyday Use



Carrying a flashlight in your pocket is a bright idea because many times the light at the back of your smartphone isn’t enough.

While you can turn your smartphone’s light on in a heartbeat if you have to, the thing is that your cellular phones aren’t a very reliable source to be used as a flashlight. They don’t have the right grip to begin with, so if you pull them out of your pocket in darkness there’s a chance you might drop your phone and break it.

That’s why it’s about time you invest in a sturdy pocket flashlight suitable for your everyday carry. Pocket flashlights or LED lights are easy to carry, they’re portable and are designed to fit in your pocket, hang in your keychain or in some pocket of your bag.

As for the light, these small pocket-friendly flashlights provide ample of light. Thanks to how advanced LEDs have become.

Klarus Mini One Ti

There is an astounding variety of pocket flashlights out there these days.

Since we’re focusing on the flashlight being suitable for everyday carry, the recommended flashlight should be small but powerful enough to suffice the purpose. That’s exactly what Klarus Mini One Ti is. That said flashlight has the size of a finger and it disappears inside your pocket, but its battery – a 10180 battery with rechargeable lithium ion cell – gives great voltage to power this small flashlight. If it’s paired with XP-G3 LED it gives astonishing 130 lumens on high mode for 24 minutes and 8 lumens on low mode for about 5 hours.

Manker Timeback II Flashlight

At just being 3.7 inches long this flashlight exceeds the performance of any other pocket LED light. First off, the TC4 titanium and copper material of which this flashlight is made up of gives it a sturdy and phenomenal look. It’s available in different polishes and stonewash finishes that you can choose from depending on your style and taste. The design is also rugged enough for you to carry it in the toughest circumstances.

Also, it is guaranteed to survive a direct drop from a one meter height and it comes with IPX8 water resistance. Above all, Timeback II is a powerful light. It can throw 2200 lumens at maximum all the way to the distance of 508 feet.

MecArmy X7S Flashlighter

MecArmy X7S is a device kind of a flashlight that can also be assembled to become a lighter for lighting a cigarette. The light is stunningly bright giving 130 lumens using CREE XP-G2 LED. The light thrown by this flashlight covers the distance of about 193 feet. The integrated battery – a 10180 lithium ion – lasts for 6 hours on the low mode settings and can easily be recharged by a micro USB. Easy to fit in your pocket, this lighter cum flashlight is only two inches long and it comes with a dry storage container used for keeping an extra battery.

Anker LC40 Flashlight

This is a sports CREE LED flashlight that has a capability of putting out light as strong as 400 lumens when it’s powered by an 18650 battery. If you turn this flashlight to its maximum mode it can throw light as far as 600 feet in distance. Anker LC40 has an aluminum plated body and is only 5.2 inches long. Aside from its high power output, the flashlight also has strobe modes that the user can select from its tail switch at the rear.

Eag Tac DX3B Mini

The single most mind blowing feature of this flashlight is its LED power i.e. 2480 lumens. However, Eag Tac has got several other features that makes it an ideal choice for you. First it stuns you with its output power, and then it baffles you with its size – that is only 3.2 inches long! Its high power output is because of its CREE XHP50. Eag Tac’s light throw distance is of about 165 yards and it comes with a rechargeable IMR 18350 lithium ion battery. The flashlight also has a built-in USB port for charging with a waterproof cover over it to protect it when not in use.

These five exemplary portable flashlights are enough to give you an idea how flashlights have become advanced these days and how they range in variety and utility. Flashlights these days do not have to long and heavy cylinders like they used to be. It’s the modern age of everyday carries that has made all the difference.


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