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The Features & Description Of The MecArmy FL10 Carabiner Flashlight



Times have changed.

Nowadays people don’t have to carry their heavy gear and tools with them everywhere they go!

The present times calls for something that is more convenient like: everyday carries.

Your tools and gears have become so travel-friendly that you can carry them around every day without any hassle. If you have ever tried to put together all the everyday carries you own in one place you’ll know how easily they all add up together.

This is the beauty of everyday carries – they are compact, lightweight and easy to carry around.

Now that the tools that can easily be accommodated into our daily routine, there are accessories available that enable us to carry our tools together in one place as well. This just simplifies thins even further!

One such accessory is the MecArmy FL10. It’s one of the best ways to carry your keys, a few useful tools that you might use in everyday life and a flashlight all together in one carabiner. This unique titanium carabiner design has made life easier than it ever was.

Description of the MecArmy FL10

The TC4 titanium build of the MecArmy FL10 gives it a tough look and some amazing properties that make it the best carabiner. The titanium makes the MecArmy FL10 light, sturdy, rust and corrosive resistant and springy. It has a big jaw type of opening that has a wire swing gate. This accommodates the keychain and can easily be attached to your belt loop or to your bag. Also, there’s a cut in the body of the FL10 that allows you to carry it on a lanyard if you like to carry it that way.

Features of the MecArmy FL10