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Eoin May Reviews: Schrade Uproar Tactical OTF Knife



I have talked about a lot of different knives from Schrade recently, and I usually have a lot of good things to say about them. I have really liked every knife I have reviewed from them … until now. The Uproar Tactical OTF by Schrade is a letdown and really doesn’t compare to the rest of the knives I have reviewed. Especially it being an OTF there is so much other competition out there that just blows this OTF out of the water. Now keep in mind I only have one of these knives so it could be a fluke, but I review what I am given, and it is my duty towards my readers to be as truthful as possible. So, let’s start with the specifics before we get into the nitty gritty, shall we?

The Uproar Tactical is an OTF (Out the Front) with a double action design and is part of the Beta Class. The blade is a serrated dagger style made with D2 steel. The blade measures in at 3” and has a black oxide finish. The handle measures in at a little over 4” and is made from aluminum. The handle is very comfortable and has grooves that aid a lot for grip.

There is honestly so much I don’t like about this knife. First, let’s talk about the small things, which is just what doesn’t fit my personal preference. The knife itself is just too small for my tastes. The blade is only 3”, and the handle isn’t long enough for me to even get a whole hand on it. The knife comes with no pocket clip or any way to keep it from just floating around in your pocket. Now I know most OTF’s don’t have a pocket clip, but as small as this knife, is I would like a pocket clip just so I wouldn’t have to rummage around my pocket every time I need it.

The biggest problem I had with this knife is the action. I took it out of the box and within maybe 10 repetitions of opening and closing it, the action failed. I carried this knife for little over a week and after that I just couldn’t take it. The more I used it the worse it got. The action got so bad every other repetition it would fail. The littlest shake would just throw it off and cause a failure. Like I said in the beginning I have only got to handle one so these action problems might just be mine.

Overall, the design is really cool. I like the look of the black serrated dagger blade with the tan handle, only if the handle and blade was a little longer. The blade itself is sharp and somewhat stays sharp, but the knife itself only retails for a little under $100, so you do get what you pay for. The action problem might have been just with the one I received, but take my review as you may. Don’t forget to check out my Instagram and YouTube @atoz_reviews and finally always remember to stay A to Z.


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