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Eoin May Reviews: Pro-Tech Godfather Auto Knife



Horse’s head sold separately.

Boring knives are something of a tradition in my family … this thing of ours … but on this, the day of my daughter’s wedding, I have vowed that I will not allow a person in my family to carry around a small/boring knife. That’s right; I went to the Godfather. The Godfather Auto from Pro-Tech, that is. Let’s just say it made me an offer I couldn’t refuse when this automatic switchblade’s tough, snappy action almost launched the knife out of my hand.

Pro-Tech is are at the forefront of the auto knife industry; their knives are essentially the Rolls Royce of automatic blades. Holding a Pro-Tech auto is like holding Nonna’s secret to a perfect marinara. The craftsmanship and quality is instantly palpable. Some knife guys like a light knife, but I am not one of those guys. This knife is just heavy enough to feel solid but light enough to carry easily—it’s just perfect.

The dagger-shaped 4-inch blade is only sharp on one side, giving it a very sharp and aggressive tip. That puts the Godfather squarely in the “tactical” category, but don’t get me wrong. You could probably skin small game or do other everyday tasks with this blade in a pinch, but there are better options for those applications. The blade is made with 154CM stainless steel, which is an American-made steel that is high in corrosion and wear resistance. This steel offers excellent blade retention (which is merely the resistance of the blade’s edge to dulling). The handle scales bolster the body’s aluminum to render the handle immune to splitting or breaking.

At a little over 5’’ long, the handle leaves a lot of room for your hands; the handle’s coffin-style shape makes it very easy to grip with any size hand. All of these materials are very high-quality and will last for a lifetime—and this is just a taste of the knives from Pro-Tech. (If you don’t like big blades as much as I do, know that they offer another version called the Godson. It’s the same shape and design in a smaller format.)

Unboxing the Godfather is like revealing a diamond necklace (that just happened to fall off the back of a truck, mind you). It has pleather covering, gilded lettering, and even has a fake silk cushion your knife sits on while in the box. This is absolutely the best-looking packaging I have ever seen.

What else could you ask from a knife company? The Godfather is an amazing knife and in theory will last forever. All of these high-quality materials used and the knife only retails for about $280—an amazing price for an automatic blade of this quality. I will warn you, if you do decide to buy a Pro-Tech knife that will be the first of many purchases from Pro-Tech.

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