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Honest Review: SOG Recondo FX Knives



This EDC knife knows it may be your last line of defense.

Sure, folders and out-the-front knives have grown in leaps and bounds over the years, with their structural integrity becoming increasingly impressive. However, as good as they have become, they will never eclipse the reliable assurance of a fixed blade. With roots and inspiration from the tactical groups of Vietnam, Texas-based SOG is no stranger to this concept, and its recent offerings only double down on this idea. Meet the Recondo FX.

Although we’re introducing this as a new product, it’s actually four, as the Recondo FX comes in two different colors with two different blade options. Because this knife is designed for defensive work, all four options feature a clip-point profile, which is optimized for a stabbing stroke over a slashing stroke. I liked this approach because if an attacker already has the drop on you, you need less available range of motion to poke than to slash.

Working our way down the edge, you’ll find immaculate honing on the 4.6-inch cryo-treated 440C blade that gives way to fine serrations (if you so choose). On the spine of each Recondo FX you’ll find well-defined jimping that offers control for a wide variety of grip styles and uses.

Both blades are set into a rugged, rubberized grip that is thoughtfully designed to maximize controllability. A finger groove is located right at the midpoint of the knife—molded to be ambidextrous, which I find of critical importance. We often see knife makers design a knife for the right hand, neglecting that often it will be your weak hand going for your last line of defense.

Towards the back of the handle, subtle yet effective serrations have been molded in, yielding both complete hand control as well as a tactile reference point. Nearly the entire grip is clad with a unique texturing that I found to help flow moisture away rather well, particularly since it is moderately recessed. The last notable point on the grip is the integral lanyard loop that lends itself nicely to underwater work … or if you are just one of those guys that keeps dropping things out of a tree stand (slowly raises hand).

I tested my Recondos through two weeks of heavy use to include skinning game, cutting chum, and even opening a slew of Amazon boxes. At the end of the test, the blade was still sharp enough to shave with. I was amazed at how well the serrations held up, especially since I used them to saw through a fair bit of kindling around the campfire. Even the Titanium Nitride finish didn’t show much wear, which was particularly impressive because I exposed it to a good deal of salt water and then left it dirtier than Hunter Biden’s laptop.

All Recondo FX blades come with a UMS-compatible sheath that features a toolless tension adjustment and can be strapped to either side of your body or onto various chest rigs or tac vests. Before clicking “buy,” you have your choice of a straight or serrated blade and a color choice of FDE or classic black. With an MSRP of $129.95 it might not be a “buy one of each” type of knife, but it is undoubtedly a great example of “you get what you pay for.” For more information, visit









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