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Eoin May Reviews: Brighten Blades



During this weird time in our country and world, there’s a knife company working to brighten the future. Founder Diane Carver found her inspiration in making the blade industry more women-friendly, noting the lack of offerings on the market designed for women. She wanted to make a difference; she wanted to brighten the user’s day; she followed the idea until she got to the company’s name: Brighten Blades. I got to handle three out of the many different options that Brighten Blades offers: the Brave, the Faith, and the Brighten Happy Keychain knives. Each of the knives comes with a positive message in the package and some come with a carry case. Brighten Blades manufactured these knives to bring positivity and to provide a handy tool for women to keep in their purse, glove compartment, backpack etc.

Each of these knives has a specific purpose, but Brighten Blades are plenty versatile. Each knife I got from them came out of the box quite sharp. The knife is really durable and is made with good steel— 8Cr13MoV Stainless Steel, in fact. This high-carbon, easily sharpened material is the same that’s used in many far more expensive knives. Each knife is shaped in a Persian style, which is a curve shaped blade that is great for opening packages or boxes. Each of the knives’ handle scales are made from aluminum and are decorated with different floral and decorative designs. All Brighten Blades’ knives are sold at very affordable prices with the highest priced one being around $30.00. Even though they are made for women, men who are very secure in their masculinity like myself will find that the handle is very comfortable—even in my meaty paws. I love this idea of spreading happiness and even giving me a way to get out of the doghouse every now and then.

Brighten Blades is a knife company that is trying to spread some happiness in a world that has so much going on. All their blades fall in the budget category but can make someone’s day better or provide funds for a good cause that could ultimately save a life, such as the Hope knife, the profits from which go to breast cancer research.

All Brighten blades would be a good present for a mother or a significant other. Even though these knives are budget knives, they are durable and sharp and can be used as an everyday tool that can be very useful. I know I will keep these knives hidden just in case I forget a birthday or anniversary. Go check out Brighten Blades for a good quality knife and if you do have a woman in mind who needs a present … what could it hurt? It’s for a good cause.

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