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TUFF Bungee Magnet Retention Pouch Review



Carrying an extra magazine doesn’t make you paranoid, it makes you prepared. While we do everything to ensure our firearm is at the ready there are at least three issues that can only be solved with a magazine swap. First, let’s pay homage to the Tiger King series and point out that some guns, NOT ALL (as indicated by the grey matter on the office wall) simply won’t fire without a magazine in place. If you carry a gun with this type of safety, then you will likely be with Carole Baskin’s first husband should your magazine get knocked loose in a scuffle and you don’t have a replacement handy. Second, magazines fail, and in many different ways. Baseplates crack off, feed lips bend and followers lock up. tap-rack-assess probably isn’t going to cut it in these situations. Lastly, there is the possibility of running out of ammo during an altercation. Even seasoned LE officers recant tales of dumping the entire magazine through stress-induced panic. After catching your breath and looking down at an empty weapon a second threat very well may appear, so then what?

With all that being said I decided to take a closer look at the TUFF Products Bungee Magnet Retention Pouch. As the name implies it keeps your extra feed stick in place via elastic cording and an integrated magnet. When designing it, TUFF utilized the same 1 -3/4″ clip that they have been putting on much of their gear for several years and I have yet to see it bend, break or fail to secure the product to the garment. The new magazine pouch is soft yet molded to make it easier to get your magazine in, which is huge if you are considering taking it to the range for practice (and you should be).

To test it out I decided to go “worst-case scenario” and wear it clipped on to nothing more than some gym shorts for a full workout. I stuffed a full double-stack magazine into it and headed to the deep dark cavern that is my basement. This is where I go to hide, cry, and occasionally exercise. I made it through my routine which included a two-mile run, jumping jacks, squats, a bench press, pushups, bent-over rows, and even side bends…to help keep my inverted hourglass figure. Throughout the entire routine, neither the magazine nor the pouch itself budged. I figured the run or the jumping jacks would have done it in, especially since the pouch was hanging on by a literal string. In the three and nine o’clock positions I didn’t even know it was there except for the occasional rubbing during a side bend, but that is to be expected. After changing into some dry clothes, I clipped it onto my normal carry rig and practiced my reload from the new pouch. I found the magnet retention alone to be very secure and actually loosened the bungee a little bit to ensure that I wouldn’t have to struggle in the event that I needed that magazine in a hurry.

Overall, we liked the new design, especially for the fabric composition as opposed to the typical plastic make up that is common of the day. We liked this because instead of digging into your side is has the ability to flex away and reduce irritation. We found the bungee system of retention to be extremely simple, effective and easy to adjust depending on the magazine you happen to be carrying that day. After trying magazines from Glock, SIG, Taurus, Beretta, Canik, and Smith & Wesson we can honestly say these would make a great addition to your concealed carry setup or even something to get you into IDPA or USPSA competition. For more information or to get your own visit


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