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5 Questions gun owners can’t stand – And my favorite answers.



From time to time every gun owner finds themselves in a situation where they are being prodded by somebody in complete awe that they are ACTUALLY speaking to somebody who owns firearms and even dares to go to a shooting range. I have been to countless dinner parties desperately trying to make eye contact with someone to save me. Of the questions that arise I’ve compiled a list of reoccurring questions that most gun owners will agree, irritate them in one way or another. So without further ado here they are:

1. Why do you have guns?!

This tops the list for me.  The question is usually presented in a tone that is better reserved for somebody who just said they have a rod or uranium sitting in their living room. I’ve never liked the way this reaction comes across; it’s always as if there is something wrong with us because of our resolve for self-preservation. If not expressed it is at least implied that we own guns because we intend to do harm. My favorite answer is usually something along the lines of “I was in Walmart and figured what the hey”. I like this reply because it illustrates exactly how common firearms are. I also like to point out that they are simply sporting equipment unless used otherwise. That’s why they can be found between the camping supplies and the bicycles at the world’s largest retailer. It really isn’t a big deal.

  1. “Well how many do you have?!”

Again, this is usually an accusation that gun owners are either plotting some sort of mass-shooting or starting an armed cult. My reply to this starts with “well every gun is built for a specific purpose, kind of like a pair of shoes or a golf club. I honestly don’t keep track since I can only shoot one at a time”. Once again the idea is to drive home that gun owners are regular, peaceful people and guns are simply tools.

  1. “Which one is the most powerful?!”

You know, which gun in your safe will cause everything you shoot at to explode into fiery rubble? Which one will knock you back a good five to ten feet from the recoil, like in the movies? When I get this one I just laugh and reply, “I guess you have to ask the paper that, all I know is that they all reach and make a small hole”. Once again bad information seeping out of the uninformed, kinda like gas station sushi seeping out of… Well, you get the picture.

  1. “Which holds the most bullets?”

After informing them that all of my magazines not only hold bullets but cases and primers as well, I admit that I don’t really keep track. Besides, a reload can happen in less than a second, so does it really matter?

5.”Which can shoot the fastest?”

Most are surprised to find out that my AR15 doesn’t keep shooting when I hold down the trigger. Furthermore, most of these people are under the impression that going to the range means nothing but indiscriminant mag dump after mag dump while laughing with a cigar hanging out of your mouth like Hannibal from the A-team. Once again I reply with “I don’t know actually, I only shoot as fast as I can hit”.

So there you have it, these are my top five. I am very interested to see some of yours in the comments below. It isn’t easy dealing with folks like these, so feel free to plagiarize my answers during your next family function. Knowledge is the key, and we are all much smarter than the opposition because we are armed with facts , not feelings. Be prepared to defend your cause and we may just see a change in minds about gun owners and the shooting sports.


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