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The Features & Uses Of Olight’s S1 Baton



When talking about state of the art everyday carries you cannot surely miss bringing up Olight’s latest S1 Baton – an essential for a collector with refined taste.

S1 came out last year in its black & blue design, and since then it has been getting amazing reviews. Olight’s S1 is said to provide outstanding value in terms of portability, durability and performance. This two and a half inch reasonably priced flashlight is an excellent addition to your every day carries.

Basic S1 Specifications

Considering the portable size of S1, its specifications leave people in awe and fascination. S1 has an incredible runtime for all its modes that you can use it in. If you light the device on high mode it will remain alight for 90mins. The medium mode gives you light for 6 hours, low mode for 40 hours and moonlight mode makes S1 run for about 600 hours. Also, its beam distance of 110 meters and its beam intensity of 3,000 candela units would leave you astounded. Moreover, the newly arrived titanium model of S1 has IPX8 water resistance and 1.5 meter impact resistance.

Using S1 Baton

People have been raving about the size and portability of S1 for quite long now, but you have to see it to believe it. The very first thing that you notice about S1 as soon as you take it out from its box is its compactness. You hold it in your hand and it hides in your palm. You keep it in your pocket and no one can guess if you’re carrying something. The sheer pleasure S1 gives you just by holding and carrying it is enormous and immensely satisfying. Also, using S1 Baton is fairly simple and easy. It doesn’t require you pressing its buttons to get to the mode you want it to work on. S1 is amazingly user friendly. Its user interface (UI) is as simple as it could be and lets you operate the flashlight by just a single button at the side of it. Just a single click of that button switches the flashlight on and off.

Switching to Different Modes

With a very simple and effective UI you can light the device in the desired mode very easily. If you hold the switch while the flashlight is on, the device cycles its three main modes. If you click and hold the button when the light is off, it goes straight to moonlight mode. If you double-click the button when the light is off, S1 goes into high mode. There are auto shutdown timers in S1. Double clicking its button while the light is on activates its auto shutdown timer.

Unique Features

Olight S1 Baton has a clip on it. It takes you some time to realize what it’s for actually. The clip is used to attach the flashlight to a hat. Keeping in mind its shape and size, S1 is perfect for doing that. This way you don’t need a headlamp while you’re working in darkness. S1 gets conveniently attached to the brim of your hat.

Another useful feature of S1 is its removable magnetic tail cap. You can pop it on when you need light instantly under the table or inside your car. This tail cap also improves the underhand grip of the device. This makes it good for men who have large hands and underhand is their grip of choice.

Some Flaws in S1

The flaws in Olight S1 Baton are not so significant, but some deficiencies do come in your notice when you use it. Even though the benefits of S1’s size are endless and its small size makes it the most portable high beam flashlight to carry around, some people who have larger hands will find S1 too small for their grip. Another tiny flaw in its making is its magnetic tail. It makes the keys and coins get stuck to S1 if you’re carrying it in your pocket. However, the biggest problem is the battery. S1’s battery is uncommon and not easily available in the market if you need another one.

If you put together all the features and specifications of Olight S1 Baton, you’ll see it is quite an appealing and useful flashlight that you adore carrying around. Olight has surely upgraded S1 by introducing it in titanium and copper bodies after its original aluminum one. Thus, if you’re into collecting useful every day carries then you should not miss adding Olight S1 to your collection.


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