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Best Flashlights For Everyday Carry



Wherever we travel, we are always companied by certain accessories.

Men generally have mobile phones, wallet, knives and car keys in their possession.

Similarly, a woman’s purse may be comprised of the essentials as well, such as a mobile phone, pen or cosmetic kit and related paraphernalia.

All the aforementioned articles fall in the EDC bracket. The acronym EDC is short for Every Day Carry.

Another Every Day Carry commodity is flashlights or torches, as they are known in Europe. Flashlights are portable, handheld and battery operated devices which emit light.

Given the abundance of options available, selecting the best flashlight for everyday carry is far from a facile decision. Since the market is brimming with choices, we can narrow it down to five of the very best.

The following list is a comprehensive compilation and represents flashlights from five distinctive brand names.

Fenix E12

Fenix (read Phoenix) is an American manufacturer of LED lights, known for their innovative approach to creating products.

Their extensive product portfolio includes several types of lighting gear, such as flashlights, head lamps and camping lanterns.

Chief among them is the Fenix E12. The classic model is a high intensity device, emitting a maximum 130 lumens from a single AA (double A) battery.

It also provides moderate lighting of 50 lumen (6.5 hours) and a low beam of 8 lumen (40 hours) respectively.

It is one of the more dynamic options on the market, boasting an impressive 4 inch aluminum alloy casing which weighs no more than 2 ounces.

Other features include a tail tap switch and IPX-8 water proofing up to 2 meters.

With a retail price of just 27 dollars, the E12 packs quite a punch for such a diminutive, 3.5 inch device.

Foursevens Maelstrom Regen MMR-X3R

If users feel the need to spoil themselves, this is the one for them!

Easily one of the best flashlights for everyday carry, the Maelstrom’s tactical sounding appellation is not its most distinctive feature. It is defined as a powerful vertex.

This device is definitely potent, with a maximum capacity of 2000 lumens. As such, it blows its competition out of the water. Whirlpool indeed!

Further evidence that this isn’t your average device is found in its rechargeable CR123A battery lithium ion, which can be charged with a USB connector also.

It has an imposing built as well: sturdy aircraft grade aluminum; optical grade glass; sapphire coating; and sexy black finish.

The Maelstrom Regen is absolutely recommended for frequent and earnest users.

Surefire P2X Fury

Another gadget with a captivating moniker is the Surefire P2X Fury. Captivity and fury are fitting, since it is used by law enforcement agents.

It’s no surprise that the Fury is designed to military specifications, what with its anodized, aerospace aluminum body and shock proof LED emitter. Furthermore, the reflector is also micro-textured to provide better, brighter lighting.

Such splendid features come in handy for search and rescue operations. Its 1000 lumen brightness is also adequate.

This black beauty comes in three definite styles: Pro Dual output; Tactical Single Output; and IntelliBeam.

Much like its predecessor, it also uses 2 CR123A batteries which give it considerable juice.

This Surefire gizmo is a sure shot option, particularly for outdoors.

Vizeri VZ230 Tactical

Made in Nashville, Tennessee, the VZ230 is an affordable alternative for EDC. Its 230 lumen output makes it ideal for humdrum activities too.

Interestingly, it has five modes, as opposed to the conventional three: High, medium, low, strobe and SOS. It is also endowed with a zoom feature.

The standard aluminum makes it a lightweight accessory; it weighs 3.75 ounces only. Additionally, its dimensions are 1.1 x 4.25 x 1.3, giving it a fairly compact look.

SOG Dark Energy 247A

Finally, we arrive at the 247A model, which sounds like something used by a witch or wizard!

The flashlight is succinctly named after the energy it emits and is one of the very best flashlights for every day carry.

At this juncture, some of the specifications are bound to be reiterated.

This device also uses CR123A batteries; is made of the chemical aluminum; has an integrated belt clip; waterproofing; and CREE LED technology.

Although it may share a few of the same features, it looks considerably different, owing to its checkered design.

A quick run through its specifications shows that it is shy of 4 inches in length and has a 3 ounce weight.

The flashlight market is laden with choices. Potential buyers need only select one. Depending on your price range and area of use, these are the five best options at your disposal.


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