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How To Make Your EDC More Lightweight



An everyday carry kit or the EDC kit is the collection of items which a person carries with them everywhere they go.

These items consist of all the things which an individual might need during the course of their life for day to day affairs, including possibly in emergency situations. For the most part, everybody carries at least their wallet, keys and their smartphones but there are always more additions to make to the everyday carry kit depending on your need for them.

Other than the wallets, keys and the smartphones, other very popular items that people have in their everyday carry kit are multitools, knives, notebooks, flashlights and of course, pens. The type and quantity of items an individual carries with them tends to vary on their individual needs and they are mostly dispersed among the many pockets on a person’s clothing. The one thing that bugs everyone about their everyday carry kit is the issue of weight.

Here are a few tips you need to know so you can learn how to make your EDC more lightweight and better.

Recognize the Challenges Which Can Come Your Way

The first step is to make a consideration of all the things you will actually need in your everyday carry based on the challenges which you might face in your day to day affairs. It is important to make sure that your assessment is realistic so you can make additions to your everyday carry kit to make it better.

The challenges which different people face in different situations makes for a need of personalized everyday carry kit. Based on the real probability of you actually facing the challenges you might, make a list of all the items you will need to carry with you every day.

Look at What You Have