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We often discuss the gear that should be carried daily, but how about the best ways to carry said gear? In the same respect we consider all of the different ways to carry guns, flashlights, knives, and everything else on our person, but what about the larger items, or those that are best confined to our vehicle? Grey Man Tactical’s flagship product, the RMP gives you the solution to carry and organize anything that you can strap to it. I had the chance to put two of these to the test and it greatly opened my eyes to how much a simple grid panel can change the layout of my kit.

The RMP or Rigid MOLLE Panel comes in several sizes for different applications. On the extreme side, there are offerings big enough for your safe, on the smallest, there are panels that fit inside of tiny pistol cases. While all of these are exciting I chose the 15.25” x 25” Seat Back Panel and the 12.25” x 19 backpack offering. Between these two I found enough utility to organize both a car and a bug out bag should current events escalate and I decide it’s best to get the fuck out of Dodge.

I started my work by getting the larger, vehicle-based RMP set up with a conventional shotgun and shell holder as well as a medkit and some pouches of equipment that I’ll leave to your imagination. Both of my test panels came with a variety of mounting holes for conventional hardware if you want to permanently attach them to somewhere, but for the car, I went with the two-strap system that is also available off of the Grey Man Tactical website. The strap system is convenient because not only is it essentially universal but if you leave a pair of straps set to your car seat then you have the option of purchasing multiple different panels and swapping out complete setups as you need. Day-to-day you can have your typical soccer mom stuff in the car but you can also keep a spare at home strapped with battle gear should the boogaloo pop off. Then again, cars have two front seats….but I digress. Quality double-sided “Hook & Loop” straps can easily affix anything that you want to the unit. We found it strong enough to hold a long gun in place, even over rough terrain. Of course, if you have the coin it’s recommended that you buy the rifle rack as that is undoubtedly more secure but hey do what you gotta do to be prepared with what your budget allows. The spacing of the grid will accommodate MOLLE gear and anything that is even remotely close to it. Furthermore, if you cut a horizontal bar off then it is wide enough to accommodate anything with a Tek-Lok.

Bug out situations are almost always time-sensitive and there is no bigger unnecessary time-suck than scrambling frantically for an item due to disorganization. That’s the premise of the backpack panels and this is a product that speaks directly to me. Nothing aggravates me more than digging through a big pack to find something that you need that very moment and with 63 cut-outs the backpack RMP gave me enough room to set up a simple bug out panel with basic medical equipment and a defensive handgun. Most packs have a system of affixing items inside of them and mine was no different. My particular pack had some lashing already built-in that I utilized. If you’re slapping on thinner gear you may not want to secure the panel, because it will then leave you the opportunity to put other gear behind it. With a little persuasion, I found that you can directly attach most holsters that utilize a plastic belt clip, such was the case with my DeSantis Slim-Tuk. Gear with larger belt clips can also easily be attached, again just using “Hook & Loop” lashings. I finished my rig with a few utility pouches, a medkit, and an EpiPen, and I had the basis of a simple and organized bag should it hit the fan and I need to make my way to transportation or a larger provisions stash.

Organizing my gear via the Grey Man Tactical RMP left very little to be desired. I found the panels to be a shining example of beauty in simplicity. While I was able to adapt everything that needed to be strapped to the panel, one addition to the lineup that I would like to see would be a something that offers some strategically placed 2” spaces. This would accommodate more items that are built with over-sized belt clips and similar attachment hardware. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the utility and the modularity of the RMPs and have already started thinking about other applications for their products. For more information visit


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