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Get A Great Deal From The Anker LC40 Flashlight



A flashlight such as the Anker LC40 flashlight can be of immense use on a rainy day, literally.

It is rated IP65 water resistant, which means that when you’re blowing through a stormy night on your bicycle, you’ll be able to see ahead to a distance of about 100m or 330 ft. And that’s not even the full extent of the lighting power of this little monster of a flashlight.

With a CREE LED light that reaches a maximum of 400-lumen (a traditional light bulb gives off 450-lumen), you are sure to have any space illuminated as if there were a light bulb there. For bicyclists, this little powerhouse, the Anker LC40 flashlight, is the ideal partner for a late night bicycle ride through the hills.

Why Cyclists Prefer this Flashlight

Bicyclists are a diverse bunch, and many professionals make it through potentially deadly terrain on their bikes, through hills and the muddy puddles that pop up along the way. With a high intensity flashlight such as the Anker LC40, bikers have a fair advantage of being able to see the patch ahead of them so they know where they are going.

Sports bicycles normally do not have a high intensity light attached to their front end as many of the events happen when it’s daylight. The tracks are also illuminated in the night which means that there’s ample light to go around in the nighttime, for events in closed spaces.

But when you have the urge to ride your bike because you’re feeling stressed or there’s a power outage, the Anker LC40 packs a powerful punch.

It illuminates the road ahead of you as if there was a head light attached to the front of your bicycle. That’s why many cyclists prefer this light.

Not Just for Cyclists