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Eoin May Reviews: Acta Non Verba A100 EDC Knife



Ever heard of Acta Non Verba? ANV is a company out of the Czech Republic, and they have some of the coolest blade shapes on the market. Each and every knife in their lineup takes the “everyday” in “everyday carry” to “extraordinary.”  Their new line of A100s and A200s doesn’t disappoint; up for AtoZ review today is the A100.

Straight out of the box the action is very stiff and doesn’t like to open smoothly. After a couple of days of carrying it, the action finally got tuned in and now it opens like nobody’s business. The handle shape looked at first like it couldn’t possibly be comfortable, but actually wrapping my hands around it dispelled that notion immediately—the ergonomics are actually quite good. The knife fits comfortably but also is very tight and secure.

The blade is made from a deep cryo-treated powder steel that has a durable DLC coating. The edge is very sharp right out of the box. With the 3½-inch blade and a little under 5-inch handle this knife, is great for EDC and can handle anything you will run into day to day. The knife is also very light weight if that’s your thing. (My personal affinity for heavier knives is well-documented, but that’s just a matter of taste.) If you prefer a knife that disappears in your pocket, then this knife is perfect for you.

One of my favorite features about this knife is that it is totally ambidextrous. The thumb stud can be unscrewed and switched from side to side, and the lock can also be used on both sides. Naturally, a knife engineered for everyone also comes in a variety of different colors to suit whatever your taste might be.

I have a lot of great things to say about this knife but there are a couple of small things I don’t like about the A100. The handle is made from polymer which makes it light weight, but it also makes it flexible. Don’t get me wrong; the handle is durable and I’ve had no issues with cracking, but if you grip hard enough, the inside of the handle (where the blade closes into) sometimes pinches your hand. If you have a naturally powerful grip, this is something to be alert to. I’ve also discovered that when I’m opening this knife, my fingers seem to insist on resting on the inside of the pocket clip. When I open it, sometimes the clip will flex and click against the grooves in the handle. None of these quibbles hinder the functionality of the knife, and those with smaller hands may not experience them at all.

Overall, this is a great budget EDC knife. This is a high-quality knife that retails for around $150, which is extremely competitive for this class of knife. The ANV A100 is not my cup of tea so it doesn’t get the AtoZ stamp of approval, but for the right person this knife would be a great everyday knife. Make sure to go check me out on Instagram and YouTube @atoz_reviews. I have a lot of content that doesn’t get seen here so if you like my articles go check me out and give me a follow. Finally, make sure to stay AtoZ.


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