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4 Tips to Dominate Shooting Competitions



Are you a firearms enthusiast? If so, competitive shooting may be your next passion!

Competitive shooting is a fun way to spend time with fellow gun enthusiasts, compete on a friendly level with each other, and hone your skills. Most competitive shooters are extremely organized and they catch on quickly. They find that there are bells and whistles in the aftermarket world that can help them get better, stronger, faster, more quickly. When you need to gear up with all things firearm-related, look no further than is the ultimate marketplace where you can find independent listings for everything from STI guns to practice targets. Here is how the user listings on can help you prepare for your next shooting competition.

 1. Find Your Perfect Competitive Firearm

The most important part of participating in a shooting competition is having a gun that can get the job done. That can be a rifle, handgun or shotgun. Spend some time researching local and national events, that interest you, and see what kind of firearms and products that other competitors use. Don’t be shy to ask other shooters what they’re using. Typically, they’ll give you their entire playbook. You can then browse the listings at to find guns that might suit your needs. Maybe you are drawn to pistols and want to find a CZ 75 SP 01 or a Glock that you can trick out. You can use the search function on and look for auctions that might result in exactly what you are looking for. Remember to check regularly, since sellers are always posting new listings on the marketplace.

2. Stock Up on Ammunition

Between competitions, you are going to want to practice more often in preparation for a match. A lot of practice means one thing: a lot of ammunition. When you need more ammo, is the place to look. Not only do they host listings for firearms, but you can find user listings for all sorts of ammunition, including reloading equipment as well. Often times, handgun competitors will practice with .22LR firearms and ammo due to cost. For instance, the Glock 44 (G44) is one example of a less expensive 22 caliber, that shoots .22 caliber ammunition which is cheaper than the caliber they may shoot in a competition. Some competitors not only train with their weapons, but they may have to train with their mobility on a range. Because features listings from users across the country, you might even be able to find some calibers that are out of stock at your local gun store.

3. Get the Targets You Need to Practice Your Skills

When you grab your handgun, maybe your Kel Tec CP33 and head to your local range, it can be helpful to bring some of your own targets with you. Whether you want targets similar to the ones at your upcoming competition, or you just want to use simple bullseye adhesives, start your search on has a tremendous selection of short range targets and long-range targets. You can connect with fellow gun enthusiasts and search their listings for the perfect gear. Plus, with auctions, you can bid on your favorite targets, knowing they will not break the bank.

4. Outfit Yourself with the Accessories You Want, And Ones You Need!

Finally, the last piece of the puzzle is the accessories you might need on the day of competition. You will need a range bag, or two. The size of your needs can wildly vary depending on what firearm or firearms, you’ll be taking to an event. You’ll want range-bags large enough to include shooting glasses, hearing protection (electronic or disposable hearing protectors), shooting cap, extra magazines, a timer, ammunition and maybe some water. Thankfully, has a wide variety of categories to complete your gear collection. You can browse listings for slings, holsters, and cases for you to carry your firearm better. They also host listings for categories like sights, magazines, and grips for your gun. Explore all the user listings and build your complete shooting competition rig with the help of

See how user listings on can help you prepare for competition at








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