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The EagTac DX3B Mini Is The Ultimate Pocket Light



When it comes to flashlights, it’s important to have it with you at all times whether you need it or not.

That’s because it can cause some real trouble if you need it and it is not available to you. If your flashlight is the EagTac DX3B Mini, you have the opportunity to use the turbo mode, which bumps the light all the way to eleven.

When you have this wonderful little product by your side, you can use it at the Turbo mode for those really hard to see places. This is because at the maximum turbo level out of the 5 levels that the EagTac DX3B Mini, there is a blinding 2480 LED lumens hard at work. This is particularly useful when you need to really find someone as part of a search party, and it gets really dark.

Fun Fact: EagTag used to be EagleTac previously.

The Compact “Heavy Duty” Pocket Light

The EagTac DX3B Mini is one of the most heavy-duty pocket lights that there is, and for good reason. And it will make a nice addition to your overall kit for hunting or law-enforcement. It particularly helps in law-enforcement when the time comes to sweep out criminals from their hiding spots. It can work great as a search light as well.

Since it’s pocket sized and comes with a number of accessories, such as the 18350 rechargeable battery, USB charging cable and USB AC adapter, 2 spare O-rings, a lanyard, a spare USB cover as well as a belt holster, the EagTac DX3B Mini is a practical solution to your lighting needs.

The 5 levels of brightness, ranging from just 25 lumens at the low level to the blindingly high 2480 lumens at the Turbo level, are possible due to the larger sized CREE XHP 50.2 LED that throws a cool white beam. This LED throws out a greater amount of light that helps to achieve that wider reach and brightness that spills over into the surroundings.

Far Reaching Effects

The reach of theEagTag DX3B Mini flashlight is quite far, understandably. You can use it to see as far as 180m or 165 yards. That’s quite a sufficient distance to spot a prized buck or elk when hunting or spot a criminal lurking in the shadows. The only thing is that at the very lowest setting, which is slightly above the intensity of a smartphone flashlight, you get around 20 hours of run time.

While it is on the lumen max or turbo mode, the 2480 LED lumens will last around 9 minutes on a full charge as compared to the 20 hours on the low setting. The 800 mAh IMR 18350 Li-ion battery powering the EagTag DX3B Mini is rechargeable and the pocket light itself comes with a 1A micro USB port that is built into the flashlight body itself. The light can be charged easily because the USB port supports fast charging. This port comes with a protective waterproof cover or those wet and humid conditions.

It even features a tailstand with a magnet to help it stay erect so it illuminates the space you are in. You can use on medium or low settings inside your camping tent to provide adequate light.

How it Works

A side switch is what controls the entirety of the 3.2-inch flashlight and helps you switch between one brightness level and the other. It even comes with programmability options. You can easily program the side switch with a few clicks and holds to go to the brightness settings you prefer.

This can be very handy if this flashlight is attached to the top of your gun when you’re hunting on enforcing the law. In either situation, you cannot afford the luxury of time. A minute here and there and your target may escape.

Design Considerations

The D-series is developed by EagTac to cater to everyday carrying and usage. It has all of the benefits that another lightweight and robust mini flashlight would give you. The stainless steel bezel at the front end is deep and saves the heavy duty LED from impacts and drops. The overall body is made of HAIII anodized aluminum which contributes to the lightweight feel and look of the EagTac DX3B Mini.

The lanyard offers ease of carrying. This lanyard is accompanied by quick-detaching hardware, which means that the lanyard itself can be removed from the EagTac DX3B Mini. You can instead choose to keep it in your pocket with the help of a deep carry pocket clip, also found with the flashlight.


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