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Tactical Mommy: Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms Who Pew



Some mothers are better than others…

This is to remember all of the Moms out there that are tough chicks, the ones that are walking, talking inspirations to all of us. Quick to scold us when we did wrong, and equally quick to mend the boo-boos. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and finding the perfect unique gift that’s not the same old tired tried and true can be challenging. That’s why we’ve put together a gift guide of some of our favorite things to help you find the perfect present for mamas who pew.

Greeting Cards

Yes, I know you do greeting cards every year, but this one is with a twist. Any shooter will appreciate the sentiment and the jest in words. This “I miss you card” sports a watercolor B27 target that has been hand-shot with .22lr. Of course the target was “missed”. These are $5 each, and they even offer free shipping. Get yours over at:


What mother does not like chocolates? We decided to get mom a stockpile of deliciously dangerous chocolate bullets. For under $10, you can get mom 20 rounds of pure milk chocolate pew pews in a special ammo tin. Think your mom is a bang up woman? Get her a solid chocolate MKII “pineapple” hand grenade! Once mom has safely and properly disposed of this chocolatey ordnance, she can reuse the classic wooden style container.


Moms are special and every great woman needs flowers. Instead of getting flowers that last a week and need to be composted, or just any plain Jane jewelry. I went to Etsy was amazed at all of the bouquets of flowers that have been handcrafted from hollow points. These will never wilt, are oddly beautiful, and definitely show that you think outside of the box. I found these on!


Mom really does elevate my heart, and Yeti has ways to show her. The “Elevate Your Heart” series combines the in style Topographic camouflage in heart format. There are over 20 options of different sizes of mugs, pitchers, buckets, and tumblers all engraved for that special lady in your life. What’s great is that Yeti offers all of the different containers in multiple colors, so you can get her something that matches her style.


You know your mom is packing heat, so how about getting her a holster that matches her style? Great holsters don’t have to always be boring black. Southern Bullets offers many feminine pattern Kydex holsters. These are real holsters that do the job of safety and securely carrying your pistol, but in fabulously cute prints and patterns. (I would opt out of getting her the Cougar print…I don’t want to go there.)

Precious Metals

If Mom is a seasoned shooter, you can’t go wrong with the quintessential Smith & Wesson J-frame revolver. These tiny mighty mouses come in multiple flavors and options. It’s the size and weight of these revolvers that make them shine and continue to be popular. The small size and weight helps them disappear into Mom’s concealment holster.

Is Mom new to shooting? The Springfield Hellcat is arguably one of the most popular pistols sold. The small size and capacity make it a favorite among people coming into the gunstore. While semi-autos are thought to be more complicated than revolvers to use, just a little training in safe loading and unloading makes the Hellcat a fine gun for any occasion. My wife carried a J-frame revolver for over 15 years, until I bought my 3rd Hellcat variation. She shot it and fell in love and now that is her daily carry.

Get on it—we have about a week left to get the gifts in time for their special day. I bet you the special ladies in your life will appreciate the effort. Have any other unique out of the box gift ideas? Comment below!


–James the “XDMAN” Nicholas Mr. UnPewFessional Himself!




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