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My UnPewFessional UnResolutions



It’s a new year, and that means it’s time for everyone to make resolutions that will definitely change their lives … until they get bored or stressed or what-have-you. The point of a New Year’s Resolution should be a permanent, sustainable change that offers you positive rewards. The problem is that people keep trying to eat the elephant all at once, instead of one bite at a time. It’s daunting, it’s too radical a change, and it’s not sustainable. Instead, this UnPewFessional is making some UnResolutions for 2024. They’re easy and fun, and a taste of success will make us all hungry for more.

The UnPewFessional 2024 Resolutions


I am sure by now you have heard that ammo prices are expected to increase in the next year. For this upcoming year I want to focus my spending on searching for the best deals possible for bulk ammo. (I like Two Birds Outdoors for bulk-ammo buys. They’ve consistently had the best prices on the market since the Great Shortage of 2020.) Really this resolution is to change my attitude about buying ammo. Instead of buying ammo when I am heading to the range, or when I run out. I am going to buy my ammo at every opportunity I can. Think of it this way, a case of 9mm is 1000 rounds, that breaks down to 20 50-round boxes. If you buy four boxes each month you will be sitting on a case before summer starts.

Certifiably certifiable

It’s time for me to get re-certified and dust off some of the medical skills I have not used or practiced in forever. It has been at least a decade since my last CPR class and it is time to get re-certified. Looking at the Red Cross, I see I need to make sure I can get in a class that covers both Adult and Pediatric first Aid/CPR. Remember giving CPR is different for infants than it is an adult, so make sure you can learn both, since the Red Cross offers combined and separate versions of the class. Did you know that the Red Cross also offers Cat and Dog first aid? Being a doggie daddy this is a must.

“Stop the bleed” and “tourniquet” are some of my favorite classes to take. No matter how much you think you know, this is a perishable skill and having the opportunity to hone it is a must. Stopthebleed and the USCCA are invaluable at helping to find classes on how to stop bleeding. Stop the Bleed classes are more for the general public, where the USCCA tourniquet classes are geared towards shooters. Both will give you the same info and I recommend taking both, but at the USCCA they will not judge you for asking a question like “what do I do if I am at the range and someone has a negligent discharge?”

Bug-Out Insurance

My Jeep is nearly ideal as a bug-out vehicle, but it’s a manual transmission. My wife can’t drive it. That means that if something happens to me, we’re stuck. This last year she showed interest in learning how to drive a stick shift, so I’m going to teach her. Nothing can test a relationship than teaching a spouse how to do something so technical, so I resolve to be as patient with her as I’d want her to be with me.

Gym Rat

Ok, here’s the one that breaks every New Year Resolutioner. “I’m going to get in shape!” But here’s the thing: I’m not worried about fitting into smaller jeans as much as I am staying worried about my physical ability to remain in the fight if need be. Fitness makes you a better shooter, simple as. Instead of going to the range and static shooting, try dynamic shooting instead. I used to shoot competitions that involved running and moving while shooting. I am going to get back into that, starting with the training at the range moving while shooting.

Mastering My Meat

I love cooking, but trying to make a brisket has been the bane of my existence. Pork, turkey, chicken, prime rib you name it, comes out perfect on my Big Green Egg Smoker. Brisket not so much, edible is as close as this guy gets. My plan is to get a remote monitoring thermometer probe so I can scientifically monitor it down to the minute. It may look like I’m just cooking dinner, but I’m also boosting my ability to turn wild game into meals for my family.

While these resolutions may seem trivial, I wanted to be honest with myself. Instead of trying to conquer the year in one day, I can work on small steps that combined will help with my confidence, self reliance and overall health. What kind of resolutions did you make for the new year, and do you think that they are doable?

–James the “XDMAN” Nicholas Mr. UnPewFessional Himself!


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