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L.A. Police Gear Tactical Pants: Comfortable, Stylish EDC



LA Police Gear is best known for the monstrous assortment of brands that it carries and makes available to civilians and law enforcement alike. Of them all, there is one brand that is gaining recognition for being tough as nails and affordable—its own. I have been trying more and more of the “house brand” lately and it has been spot-on in every category. The latest products that I got to review were the BFE and the EMS Stretch Pants. Both of these pants feature a mechanical stretch waist that easily accommodates an IWB holster, and features a pocket system built for the task at hand.

If I had to guess, BFE must stand for “Basically F***ing Everything,” because that’s what I feel these pants are built for. They are dressy enough for business—casual, but with enough style so you will not get confused with Jake from State Farm. (Hey, you can’t always wear jeans.) The lower hip pockets have an 8-inch zippered opening that keeps your gear close to your body instead of hanging out there like an unwanted testicle. This makes them great for hiking, because said gear won’t irritate your thigh or knee after trekking several miles.

There are actually 10 pockets in all, which include one for a handgun mag as well as two in the back for rifle mags. The 2.25-inch belt loops allow you to wear an EDC belt so you don’t have to sacrifice a solid draw for everyday-looking dress, and the central one houses a hidden handcuff pocket. For our test, we used the LAPG 1.5-inch shooter’s belt and had no problem getting it on without even having to remove the hardware. These pants offer a slim fit that was still roomy enough for my disproportionate thighs and calves (seriously, they’re the only places I can build muscle). Lastly, I really dig how they flare just enough to accommodate an 8-inch duty boot without dragging the ground if you opt for sneakers or dress shoes that day. For reference, those are LAPG Sector Side-zips in the photos and I was able to wear them without the pant leg riding up.

The EMS Stretch pant is one of LAPG’s newest designs and perfect for anybody who likes to keep a lot of gear on them and wants it well organized. The idea behind this is that, when seconds matter, you won’t be left digging through a few big pockets to hopefully find that one tiny item that is buried underneath several big ones. Naturally, they are perfect for paramedics, EMTs, and anybody else in the business of saving lives…but instructors, mechanics, and carpenters may want to give them a look too.

These pants have, get this, 19 pockets. That’s more than most backpacks that I own. The most unique of them all is the lower leg pockets that fall just above the ankle on each leg. These are designed for items that you need to get to when you are down on bended knee. Items like bandages, tourniquets, and QuiKClot come to mind, but it’s also a great place for a micro pistol in a pocket holster.

On each thigh there is a sectioned cargo pocket that is built to organize tools like pens, knives, scissors, or anything else of a similar dimension. Around the back are the same rifle magazine pockets that the BFEs feature, but these pants are void of a handgun magazine pocket. (But I’m confident that you’ll figure something out if you wear these while you carry.) The EMS stretch pants feature the same administrative features as the BFE, such as the mechanical stretch waist, oversized belt loops, and just the right amount of boot cut to accommodate a variety of footwear.

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