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Honest Review: Taurus TH10 (Because Size Matters)




Is bigger better? Why do you even have to ask? The answer is “yes,” and if you don’t believe me, check out Taurus’ new TH10! Here’s why I’m stoked for both the gun and the general trend back towards the 10mm … and why you should be, too.

The 10mm round, first introduced back in 1983, was meant to be a semi-auto analog for what the .44 Mag did for .38 Spl./.357 Mag. revolver shooters. It was supposed to be a full-bore “magnum” power-capable round that would retire the wimpy 9mm once and for all. The 10mm showed great promise and was even adopted by the FBI so they would never be outgunned again.

Sadly, we are talking about the FBI here. They believe that every agent has to shoot the same pistol, with the same ammo. The funny thing is that even FBI agents come in all sorts of sizes and statures, not everyone is the same. What they found out is that the 10mm could be too powerful to train some agents for adequate competency. So what did the FBI do? They tossed the 10mm for a watered-down .40-caliber round and pistol. Ahh, now everyone could qualify, and have a participation trophy on their shelves. (Sweet competency there, G-Man!)

You’d think the FBI’s chickening out on the round might have ended the 10mm’s chance on the civilian market, but no. Over time, the 10 gained a cult following. Hey—if you’re not content with 9mm, and want more power, it’s only natural to step up to a round that’s great for self-defense—you can even hunt small game with it.

Enter the Taurus TH10 full-sized 10mm polymer pistol powerhouse. Even though this is Taurus’s first 10mm pistol, please don’t think this is a beta product and the end user will be the tester. The TH series and design has been around for years with the 9mm and .40 SW versions.

It’s a big gun, and a big deal.

It’s easy to overlook the fact that the TH10 is one of the most affordable 10mm pistols available, at almost half the price of some competitors. (In fact, there is only one other 10mm pistol cheaper than the TH10 and uhhh yeah, it’s Hi-Point. ‘Nuff said.) According to Taurus the MSRP of the TH10 is $529.99, but I was able to find street prices around $399- $420. It’s a price that invites you to buy the TH10 just to try a out “magnum” powered semi-auto. Add in that the TH10 comes with a lifetime warranty, and even skeptics should be intrigued.

Ooh, tell me how big it is again.

The TH10 is a full-sized hammer-fired pistol with a polymer frame. Since the TH10 has an ambidextrous manual thumb safety, it can be carried cocked and locked (single action), or with the hammer down (double action/single action). Even though it is a full sized pistol it weighs in at a relatively light weight 28.50 oz—even the Glock 20 weighs more!

On top of the ambidextrous thumb safety, the TH10 uses an automatic firing pin block that only deactivates as the shooter pulls the trigger. Taurus uses an extractor visual loaded chamber indicator that is easily felt with your trigger finger in complete darkness.

For reliability Taurus optimized the guide rod and recoil spring to be able to handle a steady diet of full load ammo. For the barrel, Taurus uses a stronger stainless steel barrel, which also has the benefit of being easier to clean. Unlike the FBI, Taurus realizes shooters have different sized hands, and each TH10 comes with multiple back straps to change the grip size. For added comfort the TH10 uses finger grooves on the pistol grips front strap. Along with the texturing models into the grip will help shooters hold onto the pistol while shooting.

Some big, deep thoughts …

The TH10 is for anyone who wants a full-sized pistol that uses one of the hardest hitting rounds for a semi-auto. If you are the type of person who does not like a striker fired pistol, the TH10 gives you multiple way to carry it. If you are on a budget, but want a name brand pistol, the TH10 bridges the gap between options. The price is allows you to buy a pistol, ammo, and a holster for less than the price of competitors.

Whether you’re “10mm curious” or a well-seasoned appreciator of heavy-hitting loads, the TH10 deserves a place in your safe. Think of it as your “down and dirty” gun, the one you might not take home to Mama. As a “gun-store guy,” I know that these pistols started shipping right before Christmas and are sold out everywhere. Both times I found one in stock I hesitated … and both times they were gone within a half hour. This is a pistol that the market has been asking for, and will be a major reason the 10mm will gain more popularity in 2024.


  • Frame Size: Full
  • Barrel Length: 4.25 inches
  • Overall Length: 7.80 inches
  • Overall Height: 5.80 inches
  • Overall Width: 1.43 inches
  • Overall Weight: 28.50 ounces, unloaded

Capacity: 15+1 / 10+1.

James the “XDMAN” Nicholas Mr. UnPewFessional Himself!




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