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Eoin May Reviews: Miguron Velona EDC Knife



In my never-ending quest for the perfect EDC knife, I recently requested a Miguron Knives Velona drop-point blade. Regular readers know that I’m kind of tough to please, and that I consider it a service to you to point out the cons as well as the pros of an everyday carry knife up for my review. After all, if it’s part of your EDC rig, it had better perform to your standards as well as mine, right? So I’ll go ahead and get this out of the way: There’s a screw that goes through the axis of the Velona that I had to tighten a little bit to get it the way I wanted it. That’s it; that’s the “con” list. Otherwise this knife is just about perfect.

There are a lot of things I love about this knife. The first thing that caught my eye was the slick-looking two-tone look that the tan G10 created with the satin-finish blade. When I pulled it out of the box, I was amazed how great the knife looked. Beauty is skin-deep; quality goes right to the bone. So how about the bones?

Well, the drop-point blade is a little over 4” long and is made with 14C28N steel, which is a great steel that has high edge retention and corrosion resistance. So not only does this knife have a great length for EDC, it also has a high-quality blade. Through the couple weeks I have been carrying the Velona, I have figured out a couple things. First, the blade is sharp. I don’t mean cut your nails sharp, I mean shave a dolphin’s chest sharp. No kidding—I cut myself unboxing it. If you are a knife guy you will know that cutting yourself isn’t about if, it’s about when you cut yourself, but frankly I was not expecting to have it happen like that.

Also, you know when your friends ask you to see your knife and they immediately go to cutting their arm hair then they look at you and say, “Wow it’s sharp”? (Well, no shit. I don’t carry around dull knives.) That has happened a lot with this knife, so it must be sharp.

Now on to the milled pocket clip. A milled pocket clip is found on a lot of high-value knives. A milled clip adds that little bit of strength to a place that is used the most with all folding knives. Now if you think about it, as you carry your knife the pocket clip is the part of the knife that is flexed and bent more than any other part. So, in my opinion medal pocket clips just add that little bit of durability that not all knife companies pay attention to. Not only does the clip add durability, in my opinion it adds a little bit more detail that really finishes the knife’s look. Having a fully milled pocket clip really ties together any good-looking knife.

The Velona by Miguron Knives has really blown me away. Everyone that I have shown it to has loved it and so have I. The look and feel of the knife is up there with some of my pricier knives, and for only a little over $52 this knife is a steal. ( The durability is great and I have loved every second of reviewing this knife. Go to their website and check them out and see what you think. Leave down in the comments what I should review next. If you like this article you will like my other content. I post on Instagram and YouTube @atoz_reviews. Go check me out and always remember to stay A to Z.


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