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5 MORE Questions That Annoy Gun Owners



Anti-gunners are just so cute, they make me do the migraine salute.

Well, it seems that our first list really hit home with you folks. For those that missed the first five questions that drive gun owners batty, you can do your homework HERE. After that here’s another five gun-related questions that make you rub your temples:

Stupid Question 1: “Where do you go to shoot them?”

I really have a lot of fun with this one. I convinced someone once that I shoot them on a high school football field, but it’s completely safe because its “after school hours.” With another, that I get together with a group of guys and after our opening prayer and ceremony we go over “the plan” and get to work, usually in some remote patch of woods that “only gun owners” know about.

After I have them completely astonished I blow their vision apart by referencing a range that is close to somewhere they shop or live, usually in suburbia, next to a supermarket… Reality is a bitch, especially when you find out that a range session isn’t exactly some form of well-rehearsed covert OPS. The assumption that shooting guns is an activity by the careless or those with criminal intent just needs to go, as there is nothing further from the truth. My gun local club shares its property with an airport, for crying out loud.

Stupid Question 2: “Aren’t you nervous being around all those people with guns?”

Oh, you mean the line of people who have passed multiple background checks, and have done well enough in life to afford expensive firearms and ammunition? I leave a $4,000 rifle/scope package 200 yards behind me every 20 minutes to check a target without the thought of theft even crossing my mind. I am more nervous waiting for the train in “gun-free” New York City.

Look at this bloodbath. A regular auto-da-fe, it is.

Stupid Question 3: “You go after you’ve had a bad day, right?”

Ah, the murderous bloodbath that is the public shooting range…..People wearing bandanas, listening to the most violent music they can find on Spotify….. A Confederate flag waving gently in the breeze while the entire firing line spouts obscenities that reflect the relationship between their boss or spouse. All that pent-up rage needs a violent outlet and what better application for firearms, right? Wrong.

Unfortunately for the person asking, my answer is quite boring. Truth be told, even if I did try to take aggression to the range, I would forget what it was I was even upset about before the car ride was over. When I arrive I either find peaceful solace or a friendly face… pretty tough to be Scarface in that environment and state of mind. My typical answer to this nonsense is  “Naw, it’s really more like a picnic or ballgame environment.”

Stupid Question 4: “Aren’t you worried about a kid finding it?!”

The depiction that tens of thousands of children are killed accidentally in the home is a complete fallacy in American culture. The reality is more kids are poisoned by household chemicals then accidentally killed by finding a gun. My easiest accessible gun is locked inside of a heavy-gauge steel safe that requires a combination to unlock. Then it takes the strength of an adult to chamber the first round and a proper trigger squeeze to disengage the safe action trigger and/or grip safety. Now ask yourself, what’s between your kid and the shit under the kitchen sink?

Stupid Question 5: “You buy how much ammo at a time?! Oh my, are you planning for something?!”

I usually counter with “You buy toilet paper at Costco?!… What are you anticipating with 96 rolls?!”

High School economics has taught us that bulk buys save money, and just like your toilet paper I don’t intend to use it all in the same place or at the same time (barring a military-grade application of tacos). Sportsman and competitors are the most likely candidates for needing a large quantity of ammo, as practice and matches eat up thousands of rounds. Criminals only need a few magazines’ worth, with the worst shootings in history barely breaking the 100 round mark. Most of us use more than that during our barrel break-in.

Yes folks, as surely as the drinks are poured and the food is served you can expect an equally abundant flow of irrationally developed questions. When responding, be sure to remember that you are not only representing yourself but the entire firearms community as well. Be sure to use a bit of tact, but always have a little fun with your answer!

So tell us, what are some of the best questions that you’ve been asked out there?



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