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Trending Gear: December 2017



In the cold and wintry month of the holidays, you need to find trending gear that not only keeps you comfortable but also makes a good gift for the people you care about.

Choose from a variety of options discussed below for yourself and for your loved ones.

Yoogo Self-Defense Keychain

This key chain can serve the purpose of carrying your keys whether they belong to your home or your business and they can even protect you. It is designed in a shape that you can use to hit an attacker. Just put the key ring in one of your fingers and hold the key chain in front of your knuckles, when you punch the annoying person assaulting you. It will make him bleed even if you can’t break the nose.

Zero Tolerance 0450 Sinkevich

This is a custom-made blade designed for your special needs. It is flexible enough to be easily pulled out of your bag or your wallet when you need it and small enough to squeeze it in when you’re packing.

Just be quick at swiping at your attacker and this blade won’t fail you. It is one of its kind just like you! As your EDC, it will give you confidence in protecting you from the evil that is lurking in the shadows of your alleyway. Never leave home without it. It is the most coveted item in the trending gear for December 2017.

Anker PowerCore Fusion

This charging device will help you switch from your Nintendo to your laptop and your smart phone quite easily. It is based on the USB – C charging. Anyone who can’t survive without technology will always enjoy this portable device. It gives the benefit of a built in charger and a separate power bank all wrapped up in one place.

KeySmart Pro

This is the smart key chain for the smart generation. It carries a tracker to find the key chain if you put it somewhere and forget about it. In fact, if it gets lost due to theft you can still track these and inform the law enforcement authorities about the location of your keys.

Who knows? This trending gear may get you your keys back and even your entire wallet from the miscreants who stole it in the first place.

This will also make a great gift for your friends and family this holiday season. Give them the smart key chain for their smart uses.

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