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Leatherman Tread LT



While the President of Leatherman, Ben Rivera, was visiting Disneyland along with his family, he was stopped by security because of carrying a simple multi-tool.

A huge deal was made out of it and the President of the tool company was escorted back to his hotel suite to ensure that he put it away. Rivera felt that something had to be done and there should be another way to carry the tools such that security personals would accept it. So, he worked to design a new bracelet that would serve all the purposes of a multi-tool, but is less scary. This is how the Leatherman Tread came into being.

The original Leatherman Tread was designed to carry tools in a wearable bracelet to tackle everyday tasks and free-up the pocket space. However, it was only available in one size and style which didn’t meet requirements of some carriers. That’s why the Tread LT was introduced by the Leatherman. The new design is slim, but still gives you access to more than twenty-four functions from just a bracelet in your wrist.

The Package

The Leatherman Tread LT packs twenty-nine different tools in its total nine links. Using tools is simple, just remove the bracelet from your wrist, select the tool you wish to employ and then fold other bits into a handle. SIM card tool, wrenches, glass breaker and many other tools come with the Tread LT package. If you find some tools are more useful than others, you can just remove the tools that you aren’t using and replace them with others. This customizability means that the tool can be tailored according to your individual needs and it can also be set to fit wrist of any size.

Where other tool companies would use fragile, cheap cast steel to make such devices, Leatherman has ensured top quality by employing the process of injection molding to create each link from stainless steel. This makes the tool extremely strong and substantial.

The Design

The Tread LT is overbuilt, rugged and comes with several handy features. Integrated tools and smooth curves make the tool more elegant. No link in the Tread LT is left functionless. Even the small space between the tools is not useless and houses a hexagonal cutout that accepts a bit set of Leatherman.

With so much functioning stored in each link, it’s difficult to decide which one should be removed to size the bracelet down for the wrist.

Using It

All the bits in the Leatherman Tread LT are curved slightly inward, tracing the circumference of the bracelet which makes it comfortable and easy to wear and use. To use the tools, just fold the Tread LT bracelet in such a way that the tool that you want to use pokes out. A clump like handle will form that’s ideal for a quick repair or any other task you wish to accomplish with the neat tools.

What’s Good About It

The hard and strong steel bracelet is a fine choice for those who wish to carry their tools around for emergencies. The Leatherman Tread LT is heavy and substantial, bespeaking quality and function. Once you wear it on your wrist it’ll feel great. As it’s made with stainless steel, Tread LT will not break on you when it’s most needed and with weight of 5.5 ounces it feels like a normal watch. Tread LT’s band is 0.71 inches wide while the original tread was only 1.2 inch. This means that it will fit more comfortably on smaller wrists. Tread LT comes in two colors i.e. stealthy black or silver to give you a classy look when you wear it.

From box wrenches and hex wrenches to the line cutter, SIM-pick and glass breaker, the Tread LT has really been endowed with well chosen and intelligent capabilities for emergencies and quick repairs. You’re obviously not going to cut seatbelts with the small line cutter, but it’ll easily cut through paracord. The glass breaker is a good tool to have at your disposal during travel.

The bracelet doesn’t make any noise on your wrist, so if you’re trying to sneak in, it’s best to go with the Leatherman Tread LT.

If you wish to carry few backup tools for quick repairs and emergencies, but can’t do so because of fear of security, then the Tread LT is for you. Tread LT is TSA-compliant so don’t worry, it can make it with you in the Disneyland!


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