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Honest Review: N8 Tactical Xecutive Holster



N8 Tactical is best known for its clear polymer holsters that feature the company’s Twist Release technology. After reviewing these holsters, I was quite impressed but of course, whenever a new retention system is introduced it is met with some apprehension. Although the Twist Release is nearly instinctual, N8 got to work on a new line of holsters that features conventional retention and also gives the end-user the ultimate in concealability while remaining highly customizable. The new holster would become the Xecutive and I was lucky enough to get my hands on one that’s fitted to my new Taurus GX4.

The Xecutive isn’t just another Kydex holster; in fact, there’s no Kydex at all. In place of this oft-used material is durable Spartech Royalite, which is a bit more robust while remaining about the same in the weight department. The material is folded around the mold to eliminate that second set of screws which can come loose or dig into your skin at the most inopportune times. A pair of Chicago screws, spaced with rubber washers, hold the holster together and give the user control over how much retention they wish to have on their weapon.

Sound simple? It is. Simple is a defining feature in this holster. The less there is to it, the less there is to fail, print, or poke–so this holster won some points right at its initial unpackaging. More points were earned when I noticed the amount of thought that went into it. The holster is designed to accommodate red dot sights without any trouble, allowing you to upgrade the gun without having to upgrade the holster as well. In addition, the Xecutive features an enlarged sight channel that can accommodate suppressor-height sights should you need to add them to co-witness your new red dot. Lastly, the single belt clip is attached with a pair of screws that allow you to cant the gun if desired to help it stay better tucked away.

My testing included your everyday activities, including driving and public wear. I went shopping and gave it the “top shelf” test, making sure that my shirt wouldn’t get bound up and then sit on top of the gun after reaching for something up high (at 5’7” that happens a lot). Of course, before ever setting foot into the store I made sure it didn’t wreck my sides on the car ride. From a seated position not only did I find it comfortable but I was able to access it and present if an unsuspecting carjacker wanted my Hyundai Accent. (Honestly, if things are that bad for him, I’d probably just give him the car….change the oil too, pal.)

All good testing includes range time and this was no different. I drew and fired from all of the traditional shooting positions including on approach as well as on retreat. The gun cleared my garment and made it to target without any sort of hiccup or noticeable delay. I dialed the retention down a bit at the range and found it to be smooth as silk from that point forward. With each reholstering, I was treated to a terrifically tactile and audible “click,” telling me the gun is sitting right where it should be.

I like the direction that N8 went with the Xecutive, and given the millions of new gun owners that have entered the fold, simple is certainly going to be the way to go. With more than 36 options out there, plenty of these folks are going to find a holster that fits their gun, with more being added every day. Nothing beats a good, solid, uncomplicated holster when you are just learning how to draw and dress around a gun and I think N8 knocked it out of the park with this one. To get yours or just to get more info, visit

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