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Eoin May Reviews: Schrade Knives Reloaded



Everybody has heard of Schrade, right? Every grampa had a Schrade friction lock folder at some point. The first Schrade knife was patented in 1892 by George Schrade, and the company has been going strong ever since. This company has stayed open through the Industrial Revolution, The Great Depression, two world wars, and the moon landing—that’s crazy! But recently they have undergone a total brand rebuild, a new face lift if you will. No more of the heavy back-lock folders or the two-blade friction folders. They now have created a brand new Schrade that has three different classes of knives: the Alpha, the Beta, and the Delta. Each class has its own attributes that set it apart.

The Alpha class is, as you may guess, the high end. Every knife in the Alpha class is made in the great country of the USA with high-quality materials. You pay a little extra for the knives in the Alpha class ($200-$250), but I know none of us wouldn’t mind putting in a couple more bucks for a knife made in the USA.

The next class is the Beta class. The Beta class is a step down from the Alpha class. Instead of the blades being made the S35VN steel used in the Alpha class, in the Beta class the blades are made from more readily available steels like D2. The Beta class is also the home for all of Schrade’s OTFs. The Beta class has a lower price range than the Alpha Class ($50-$100).

The last class is the Delta class. The Delta class is where the bulk of Schrade’s knives are—offering consumers the chance to have a durable and high-quality product at the lowest price. The knives put in the Delta class are cheaper, but still possess very durable materials, such as D2 steel and G10 handle scales. All of Schrade’s fixed blades and machetes can be found in the Delta class. The price point on these knives in the Delta class are great. Every knife in the Delta class can be bought under $50.

I know you didn’t know this because I didn’t, but Schrade now sells tools. In the tools class they offer a wide range of products like a multi-tool all the way to a hatchet. This class is where you can find everything that isn’t a knife. Schrade even sells tactical pens.

I have been so pumped up for the rebrand of Schrade. So far, every product I have gotten to handle has been awesome. They offer such a wide range of products you could get just about anything for everyday carry you want. I will be reviewing a lot of different knives from Schrade from every class in the coming weeks so stay tuned. If you like this article, make sure to go check out my other content on YouTube and Instagram @atoz_reviews and if you like what you see give me a follow (It helps out a lot). What knife would you like to see me review from Schrade? Always remember to stay AtoZ.


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