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Eoin May Reviews: QSP Penguin EDC Knife



A good knife is a good knife, no matter what’s on its passport. 

QSP Knives is a rising production knife company based out of Yang Jiang, China, and the acronymic name stands for Quality, Service, and Price. I can see the comments already; yes, this is a Chinese-based company, but after having given their knives several in-depth reviews, I’m seeing quality from this company that I would expect out of fine American forges. The Penguin is one my favorite knives from QSP, and if you’re here, you know I’m about to tell you why.

The Penguin has a black stonewashed, sheepsfoot style blade that is a little over 3” in length and is made from D2 steel, which has a good toughness and is very easily sharpened. Now if the blade didn’t get you hooked, let me explain the handle. The handle has a reversible deep carry pocket clip and a liner lock, and the scales are made from denim micarta, which gives the knife an attractive two-tone finish and feels great in the hand.

All that said, for me, this knife is all about the action. The opening mechanism is effected with a copper washer that makes the action smoother and faster than P. Diddy’s prom night. This blade also boasts a little feature that you don’t see on a lot of other knives–they took off a little handle material beside the lock, so unlocking the liner lock is a lot easier. I’ve been working that action for weeks now, and I’m very pleased.

I really love sheepsfoot style blades, because I’m hard on my EDC knives. With a sheepsfoot style, you get a the point that’s refined enough to be great for opening boxes, but the tip is almost impossible to break. There is plenty of steel behind the point, so you don’t run the risk of it breaking during strenuous tasks. All of these things together really made for a comfortable and reliable knife to use for everyday carry. The knife itself fits in my hand perfectly, while also not taking up too much pocket space.

The Penguin by QSP is a reliable knife and would be a very suitable option for anyone to carry every day. For only around $40 you get D2 steel and micarta handle scales, that is a bargain. You get a sweet looking and reliable knife for an affordable price. What else could you ask for? After everything I put this knife through, I haven’t had a single complaint. Go check out the Penguin from QSP at and tell me what you think. What attributes do you look for in your everyday carry knives? If you like this article and what to see more go check out my other content on YouTube and Instagram @atoz_reviews. If you like what you see give me a follow (it helps out a lot), and finally always remember to stay AtoZ!



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