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Copper Basin’s EDC Pocket Dump: Come and Take It!



I like to call it The Shooter’s Striptease: the great unholstering that happens just before sacking out…

First, the keys and the phone. Then, the knife and the spare mag. The flashlight. Finally, the main gun and the backup gun. I need them every day, and that’s why they’re part of my everyday carry (EDC) rig, but sooner or later night falls and I have to go Condition White. That’s okay, because my EDC kit can remain in a state of readiness even as I sleep with the Copper Basin EDC Pocket Dump valet. This isn’t just any ordinary tray–its all-Kydex construction and nonslip bottom means this tactical, practical tray holds your gear steadily in place and won’t shift about on your bedside table.

That’s actually kind of a big deal…

Kydex is the same material that many holsters are made of, and that’s because it’s naturally a nonslip surface. It helps hold your pistol in place in your holster, and it will do the same once you’ve turned your EDC kit into your nighttime emergency setup. Your gear won’t slide around as you reach for it, nor will the tray slide around as you get a positive grip on your firearm. It’s less noise, less confusion as you shake off sleep, and less time to complete readiness.

These gadgets make great gifts! The nonslip Kydex bottom is also non-scratch and furniture-safe. The dimensions are just right for a nightstand:  7.25 in x 10.25 in x .75 in. The weight is 6 oz. MSRP is $29.99 in your choice of colors. Click here to buy!


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