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Bear Bold Action V



Most of us get prepared for the day by strapping on a gun and if we are smart, a knife. The gear we select is often based on the idea that we might encounter someone or something that wants to do us harm. Or perhaps we just want to be prepared should we need to aggressively open a bag of candy. However, what if the situation is aligning us with harm other than a mugger or self-induced diabetes? What about good ol’ fashioned accidents? It’s true, most of us are better prepared against a violent felon than we are our own lousy driving (put down the damn phone!). Bear and Son get it, and they have an option that we think everyone should own regardless of how they feel about carrying a weapon.

The Bear and Son Bold Action V is that option and is a perfect fit for those that want to carry a knife for more than just protection and utility. Not only can it fend off an attacker and cut that annoying tag off of a new shirt, but it can also get you out of an emergency situation and make you more effective at helping others. For starters, it’s more than just a knife…it’s a really good knife. The blade is made from Sandvik 14C28N Premium Steel which resists rust and does a hell of a job holding an edge. With a compact closed length of 4-1/8” the 3-1/4” blade rockets to the ready via an automatic opening mechanism (please don’t make me say “switchblade”) yielding an overall length measuring eight inches. Aside from the fast deploying blade, the rear of the handle has an embedded glass breaker and a foldaway seatbelt cutter. Essentially it’s a car rescue kit that folds down into your pocket.

The blade is described by the manufacturer as a “Modified Drop Point”, but we see a lot of Tanto influence in it as well. The melding of these two designs make for a blade that is strong enough to punch through something hard, yet also has the proper shape for slicing. So in essence the same blade is equally tasked to cut clothing off to deliver medical attention as it is to poke through a car panel to access a locking mechanism to free a door. We also found the automatic opening mechanism in a knife like this entirely necessary. Let’s face it, when disaster strikes you likely won’t have both hands free and when seconds count who wants to work a traditional folder open, or even unsnap the sheath of a fixed blade. The truth in this statement is best illustrated by the permission of their possession while afield hunting in many states. Turns out that enough hunters died hanging in their harnesses to warrant a second look at the validity of autos.

Securing your purchase are G10 grip panels and even a lanyard spacing should you want to add some 550 cord to keep it wrapped around your wrist. Bear and Sons even put serrations both fore and aft to ensure that your hand doesn’t slip whether you are using the blade side or the seatbelt cutter side. Lastly, we liked that there was a safety present on the knife, should you want a little extra reassurance that the blade won’t self-deploy in your pocket. Let’s face it, some assisted openers have tried to kill us on a jog!

The Bold Action V comes in your choice of matte black or blaze orange depending on whether you want your tool to blend in or stand out. For more information visit



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