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Honest Review: DeSantis Super Fly Pocket Holster



Carrying in the pocket has become a very popular practice among armed Americans. Pocket carry allows for quick and easy access to a small handgun while also providing excellent concealment of the firearm. Pocket carry also tends to boast the highest level of comfort among the carry positions. Like the appendix and hip carry positions, the level of concealment of pocket carry can vary with the carrier’s clothing.

Tight-fitting clothes or those made of very soft materials often print substantially. This means that the shape of the firearm is at least partially visible through the carrier’s clothes. While pocket holsters tend to offer decent protection against printing, the uncovered grip area of a handgun can often push up against the pocket, cutting a shape that looks less like a wallet and more like a gun.

Another issue shared by many pocket holsters on the market is a lack of grip. It doesn’t inspire confidence when the supposedly grippy surface of a pocket holster sails right out of your pocket still attached to your gun during a draw drill. This tends to be less of a problem of excess weapon retention, and more of an issue of the exterior material of holsters not having adequate grip in the pockets of some pants. Luckily DeSantis Gunhide has developed a holster that smashes through these two main pocket carry roadblocks.

The DeSantis Gunhide Super Fly offers comfort, modularity, and maximum concealment. Its shape is typical of many pocket holsters, though the flange is more pronounced. This translates to a greater chance that the holster will stay anchored to the pocket, allowing the gun to be drawn. The holster itself is thin, not adding much bulk to the gun riding in it. This is especially helpful in assuring the holster doesn’t feel too tightly packed into the pocket to be comfortable for the carrier. This is more important than you might think. If the holster isn’t reasonably comfortable, it probably won’t get used.

A Velcro strip running along the spine of the holster allows the incorporation of the holster’s most unique feature. The Super Fly can be equipped with a removable, reversible outer flap that attaches to the hook-and-loop material on the holster’s spine. This flap shields the holster and exposed portion of the grip from the front of the pocket. The flap does an excellent job of making any trace of the holstered gun disappear. The holster remains easy to fit comfortably into the pocket with the flap attached. If you should find that a specific article of clothing doesn’t lend itself well to the size or shape of the flap, it can be easily detached and put back on later.

The Super Fly proved to be very effective on the range. Draw drills from the pocket over several range trips didn’t see any mishaps or malfunctions. The gun was able to be retrieved from the holster and fired every single time. This is not something that can be said for some of the pocket holsters I have tried over the years. The reliability of the holster can be attributed in part to the exterior material used in its construction. The exterior sides of the Super Fly are made of a rubberized fabric with both raised and sunken texture areas. The textures provide grip to all points of contact inside the pocket. This also keeps the gun from shifting around drastically within the pocket, which can be an issue with other holsters. The outside of the concealment flap is also textured in the same way to ensure reliability in either configuration.

The Super Fly wears and functions incredibly well. It is comfortable enough that it can be placed in a pocket and forgotten about until it’s needed. Its size, shape, and optional concealment flap don’t impede leg movement at all. The level of concealment provided by the flap without detriment to the draw is nothing short of excellent. The modularity of the holster allows it to be tailored to specific clothing and carry situations. If the pocket is your chosen position of carrying, you truly owe it to yourself to look into this outstanding option.



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